Reading Assistant

Reading Assistant enables a student to practice reading at their own pace in their own environment. It provides instant feedback on their reading and where they can improve, right down to the phoneme level.

ReadToMe deployed in classrooms enabling multi-sensory reading and comprehension for students

Product Highlights

Teacher and Students use ReadToMe in classroom and at home

  • Provides instant personalized feedback on a student's reading and pinpoints areas to improve.
  • Its feedback on pronunciation is very granular at the syllable and even at the phoneme level.
  • It can be preceded with an appropriate assessment regime and a placement test. The focus of learning with Reading Assistant can be a popular standard such as the CEFR or other appropriate standards or rubric.
  • Share a number of reports and other features to assist an instructor; also allows an instructor to onboard different cohorts and monitor cohort performance.

Product Features

ReadToMe highlights words as they are read at speed set by students

Allows a student to record themselves reading a passage and then provides instant personalized feedback and a score.

ReadToMe has tools to help with spelling and pronunciation of words

Enables a student to practice their pronunciation down to the phoneme level.

ReadToMe helps with word meanings and vocabulary development

Offers interactive tools, including illustrations, word definitions, and example sentences.

ReadToMe enhances  multi-sensory reading experience with magnify tool

Provides a breakdown of a student's progress over time, across various reading metrics.

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Product Video

Watch how Reading Assistant is used


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