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Kannada-Medium Students Learn Queen’s English the King’s Way

Can a multi-sensory approach to English language learning prove to be more effective than traditional methods of teaching? ReadToMe has transformed the way children in several government schools across Karnataka, Maharashtra, Punjab, and five other states learn English. This revolutionary technology engages children on multiple levels and provides them with a digital learning experience that teaches them to read in English, and also helps improve their spoken English, pronunciation, vocabulary, and comprehension. Not only has this tool made learning english simple, it has also made it fun for a lot of students who use it. This innovative software has been implemented under RightToRead, a national initiative that enables the use of reading technology in government schools.

Vineet Mehra, Vice President of EnglishHelper Technologies believes that such technology will allow government school children to speak English confidently, like their private school peers, and that language has the potential to empower students.

To know more about the impact of digital teaching and the role it can play in the education of Indian youth, click on the link below.

The original article has been written and published by The Deccan Herald: (April 2017)

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