Teaching India’s Children English with Read-To-Me Software

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In India, roughly 70% of the population does not speak English. However, learning English skills; reading, writing and speaking is considered essential for the path to success. What then is the best way for over a 150 million children to learn English when they have such limited opportunity to do so?

Sanjay Gupta, CEO and Managing Director of EnglishHelper, believes that in order to see improvement in English, the focus should be at lowest end. Under the RightToRead initiative, 1 million children across India, from grades one through eight have the opportunity to learn English with the assistance of the ReadToMe software. What makes ReadToMe innovative and convenient is the fact that it relies on existing structures and does not need heavy investment in order to function. Furthermore, teachers are taught not just now to use the software, but also critical language learning principles and how to incorporate the software into their class.

Teachers who have used ReadToMe as part of their teaching methods have reported higher levels of concentration, engagement and confidence among their students when speaking English. However, the RightToRead initiative’s true value lies in its scalability.

Priya Viswanath, SVP of EnglishHelper, believes that scalable projects such as RightToRead are essential as they can reach millions of children faster than any human based intervention. What do you think?

The original article has been written and published by The Huffington Post: (September, 2016)


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