Careers 360 | Government School Students in Maharashtra to Benefit from Technology Enabled English Program

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EnglishHelper has launched RightToRead in partnership with the Maharashtra government and IETS to bring technology enabled English learning to 65,000 schools in the state.

EnglishHelper launched RightToRead in 2013. Using the multi-sensory AI software, ReadToMe, RightToRead enables the reading of English textbooks in class and enhance reading and comprehension skills.

In 2015, EnglishHelper partnered with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) to implement RightToRead in almost 4000 government schools in Maharashtra. The success of this program led to an approval by the government of Maharashtra to scale the Program to cover 65000 schools in the state.

ReadToMe has been designed for flexibility and convenience, operates offline and will enable students from grade 1 to 10 to read their English textbooks. The implementation of RightToRead in Maharashtra is expected to benefit more than 15 million students and 200,000 teachers at full deployment.

The original article has been written and published by Careers 360:

(July 2019)

To know more about the RightToRead initiative and its impact, visit the EnglishHelper website.