English Learning In The Times Of A Global Pandemic

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A recent article published by The Education World (June 24, 2020) talks about the steps taken by non-governmental organizations to deal with the ‘debilitating impact’ of the global pandemic on the education system in the country. Dipta Joshi, the writer of the article, gets talking with Sanjay Gupta, Global CEO of EnglishHelper, to understand the response of the organization in the wake of this worldwide crisis. They talk about the key innovations made to support English learning among school students in the event of nationwide school closure.

The Education World talks to Sanjay about how “organisations involved in dispensing education to rural and economically backward children adopted online teaching methods to ensure continuity in education.” They discuss the importance of self-learning in the present context and the launch of a multi-sensory English reading and comprehension AI app which will enable students to continue English learning from their homes.  

ReadToMe®, a multi-sensory AI reading and comprehension software which has been in use in nearly 25,000 government schools across India and worldwide. This multi-sensory English learning technology has now been made available in the form of an app for all Android devices. The app, ReadToMe Student Edition, has already been launched in Maharashtra and will soon be available to students nationwide. 

In the words of Sanjay Gupta, “the use of the app… helps close the ‘learning loop’ for first-generation learners who typically do not receive any academic support at home. The deployment of the AI technology for English in all government schools of Maharashtra supported by the same app, available to students for self-study at home, creates a tech-enabled learning model that signals a transformative opportunity for large-scale change across the country.”

The write-up also talks to English E.Teach and Cosmo Foundation to discuss their approach to English learning in the times of COVID-19. 

The original article has been written by Dipta Joshi and published by Education World.

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