EnglishBolo is a 100-day program that blends 100 self-learning lessons and 10 trainer-led classes to help learners improve their spoken English.

Learners attending a Trainer-led class on EnglishBolo

Product Features

Practice English speaking on EnglishBolo

Practice speaking English for just 15 minutes every day.

Practice English conversations with trainers on EnglishBolo

Practice English conversations with expert trainers.

Use translate tool for new words on EnglishBolo

Translate new and difficult words in multiple languages.

Remember meanings of difficult  words on EnglishBolo

Learn the meanings of words with the picture dictionary.

Practice your pronunciation on EnglishBolo

Practice pronunciation of any word.

Revise all your lessons for life on EnglishBolo

Revise your EnglishBolo lessons for life.

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Stories That Inspire

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Shafi Anwar


Even though I knew what to say in English, I did not have the fluency or the confidence to speak with customers and colleagues and that’s why I tried the EnglishBolo™ programme. I really enjoyed the 15-minute lessons and the picture dictionary which helped me understand tough words through a picture.

... ...

[Udayan Shalini Fellowship program ]

I used my time during the lockdown to learn English with EnglishBolo™. I practised every day with the lessons and enjoyed the trainer-led classes very much. I liked the tools which helped me understand difficult words. I also practised the Learn Yourself Lessons every day.

... ...
Madhuri Kethavarapu

[Vizianagaram, Andhra Pradesh]

I wanted to improve my English so that I could be a better teacher to my students. I really enjoyed the trainer-led classes which gave me an opportunity to think and speak in English! I loved the online classes wherein I only spoke in English, which really helped me improve my English proficiency

... ...
Susanta Mallik


English is an important part of my day to day life as I have to speak with the customers who come to the restaurant. After doing the EnglishBolo™ program, I can now do this with confidence. I can also communicate better with my team and seniors. I practise the 15-minute lessons every day and have also attended online trainer-led classes. I found the trainers very friendly and helpful.

... ...
Lalitha Gopalakrishnan

[Tamil Nadu]

The best part about being an online trainer on the EnglishBolo™app is that I can meet students from all over India and help them improve their communication skills. I have trained students who are teenagers, college students, homemakers, entrepreneurs, people working in offices, athletes and school children! Students can learn from anywhere. All they need is a phone and a good internet connection!

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