ReadToMe Student Edition

ReadToMe Student Edition app enables students to revise their school textbooks on their mobile devices using ReadToMe.

Students using ReadToMe Student Edition to read and comprehend their school English textbooks

Product Highlights

Student downloading school textbooks on phone to read with ReadToMe

The app allows students to read and comprehend curriculum-based English textbooks:

  • Students can download, read and comprehend their English textbooks at home.
  • ReadToMe Student Edition helps students decode words in their English textbooks.
  • Students watch videos and take practice tests for every chapter of their English textbooks.
  • Live English Classes are available for every chapter of student's English textbooks.

Product Features

ReadToMe highlights words as they are read at speed set by students

Words are highlighted, as they are read, at a speed best suited for students.

ReadToMe has tools to help with spelling and pronunciation of words

Words are decoded with the help of Spelling & Pronunciation features.

ReadToMe helps with word meanings and vocabulary development

Word meanings & vocabulary development are aided by the dictionary, translation and picture dictionary tools.

Supplementary learning content  available on ReadToMe Student Edition

Additional features include grammar lessons, spoken English practice and practice tests.

Affordable online tuitions - Live English Classes are also available

Affordable Live English Classes (online tuitions) are available for certain grades.

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Live English Classes

(Online Tuitions)

Online tuitions available on ReadToMe Student Edition to help students revise and practice their school textbooks at home.


Product Video

Watch how ReadToMe is used by students at home.


Stories That Inspire

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Nandini Pratap

[ Bilaspur, Himachal Pradesh ]

I recommend the ReadToMe Student Edition app to all students as well as teachers! This app has many useful features and it has a lot of benefits! I feel that the Picture Dictionary is the best part of the app as it helps students understand the text easily!

... ...
Nidhi Arora

[Jalandhar, Punjab]

The importance of reading is completely undeniable in this day and age. Which is why ReadToMe®, a multi-sensory Reading and comprehension AI software has been introduced in my school, that integrates with the school curriculum! It has some amazing features that help my students read and comprehend their English textbooks in school, and at home with the help of ReadToMe Student Edition!

... ...

[Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh]

ReadToMe Student Edition is an integral part of my after school learning. I use the app regularly to learn new words, improve my pronunciation and also attend Live English Classes with expert tutors who help me revise my English chapters at home. This app has been my companion throughout the lockdown and continues to be so.

... ...

[Amritsar, Punjab]

I love reading my English textbooks with ReadToMe® at a speed that I feel comfortable with, while each word gets highlighted. My progress is supported with the help of the tools available in the app, such as the English Dictionary, Translate Tool, Picture Dictionary, Spell Word and Pronounce Word!

... ...

[ Washim, Maharashtra]

My English teacher, Mr. S M Ghabane, encouraged my classmates and I to download and install the ReadToMe Student Edition app, as daily reading and revision of English textbooks is important to improve our English language proficiency. I find the app extremely easy to use and helpful.

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