About Us

EnglishHelper is an Impact First Social Edtech company with a mission to provide innovative and affordable learning solutions.

EnglishHelper provides innovative and affordable learning solutions

Company Overview

EnglishHelper is committed to deploying innovative education technology that reaches millions of underserved and deserving learners across the globe. Over the last decade, the company has developed products and created solutions that are implemented at a massive scale.

ReadToMe - Unique Proposition

Unique Proposition

ReadToMe is a multi-sensory reading & comprehension AI technology that improves the systematic acquisition of reading skills using contextual learning content. ReadToMe adapts to local needs making it relevant across the globe

ReadToMe - Global Footprint

Large Scale Global Footprint

ReadToMe is implemented in thousands of schools across India and other countries. The program is being implemented in all schools of Sri Lanka and has been successfully deployed in Africa and Central America.

ReadToMe - learning Outcomes

Proven Learning Outcomes

Large-scale RCT assessments conducted by independent agencies confirm the benefits of deploying ReadToMe in classrooms. More than 100,000 field tests have been conducted and over 1M tests have been recorded online.