LearnEnglish+ is a 100-day journey combining 100 self-learning lessons with 10 live classes guided by teachers, designed to enhance learners' spoken English skills.

ReadToMe deployed in classrooms enabling multi-sensory reading and comprehension for students

Product Highlights

Teacher and Students use ReadToMe in classroom and at home

  • Globally contextual interactive lessons and live, online teacher-led classes to strengthen learners' communication skills and build confidence.
  • Personalized and immersive learning experience with a supportive peer-to-peer learning environment.
  • Multiple tools (like Picture Dictionary, Translation Tool, Pronunciation Tool, etc) for understanding new and difficult words.
  • Lifetime access to LearnEnglish+ lessons, encouraging continuous revision.

Product Features

Practice English speaking on EnglishBolo

Practice speaking English for just 15 minutes every day.

Practice English conversations with trainers on EnglishBolo

Engage in English conversations with expert teachers.

Use translate tool for new words on EnglishBolo

Translate new and difficult words in the language of your choice.

Remember meanings of difficult  words on EnglishBolo

Learn the meanings of words with the picture dictionary.

Practice your pronunciation on EnglishBolo

Practice pronunciation of any word.

Revise all your lessons for life on EnglishBolo

Revise your LearnEnglish+ lessons for life.

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Stories That Inspire

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High School Students

[Colegio Parroquial Hermano Pedro Betancourt School, Nicaragua]

Students talk about their newfound confidence! They share that the teachers made their learning experience not just effective but enjoyable too. LearnEnglish+ has made an impact on their personal and academic growth. This program has helped them improve their pronunciation and vocabulary.


[Loan Officer, Vision Fund, Mongolia]

Azzaya found the LearnEnglish+ program to be very useful. She loved the program and thoroughly enjoyed the teacher-led classes with Brinda, her teacher. She feels more confident in speaking in English with her colleagues and clients at work. LearnEnglish+ has helped her overcome her hesitation to speak in English.

... ...

[Branch Manager, Vision Fund, Mongolia]

Buyant enjoyed learning with the LearnEnglish+ program. He especially likes the teacher classes where he gets to practice conversing one-on-one with an expert teacher. He also liked the group sessions which allowed learners to practice speaking English in a group while discussing different everyday topics. Buyant feels more confident after completing the LearnEnglish+ program.

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Live English Classes on ReadToMe Student Edition
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ReadToMe Student Edition
ReadToMe Student Edition

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