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The RightToRead Program is an initiative to take technology-enabled reading to millions in Government Schools across India and globally. The goal of the RightToRead program is to significantly enhance students’ English Reading and Comprehension skills.

In 2015, in partnership with USAID, the RightToRead Program was implemented across 8 states in India. The Program covered One Million students across 4889 government and aided schools. EnglishHelper deployed its reading and comprehension solution, ReadToMe software in these schools.

The successful implementation of the Program, encouraging assessment results, and the capability developed are recognised and have resulted in support from various governments for expanding the program. In 2018, the Program more than doubled its footprint to almost 12000 schools and nearly 2.5 Million students. The Government of Maharashtra has recently approved the implementation of RightToRead in 65,000 schools in the state. The RightToRead Program is presently operational in 330 districts across 27 states and 3 Union Territories of India.

The success of the program has also enabled EnglishHelper to leverage partnerships and pilot in schools in Africa (Sierra Leone & Nigeria), Asia (Bangladesh and Sri Lanka), and Central America (Nicaragua & Honduras).

The Government of Sri Lanka has recently accorded its approval for implementing RightToRead in all Government schools in Sri Lanka. This will enable the Program to reach 4.1 million students in 10,000 schools in the country.

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