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WritingAssistant Comprehensive automated feedback

Abstract: Learning English is becoming the goal of increasing numbers of people around the world. The resources provided in the classroom, however, are not always sufficient for adequate practice and reinforcement for English language learners. This is especially true when learning to write in English, where detailed feedback is a crucial part of the learning process. There is, therefore, need […]

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WritingAssistant – Learn at your pace, in your context

Introduction: English is well known as the business language of the world – it is estimated that about one -fourth of the world’s population can communicate, at least to a small degree, in English. Its willingness to accept words and even grammatical structures from the vernacular has facilitated its rapid spread as the world’s lingua franca. While enabling people separated […]

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A Large Scale Study of the Effectiveness of Multi-Sensory Learning Technology for Learning English as a Second Language

Abstract: There is a large and growing body of literature on the efficacy and positive impact of technology for improving English language learning. The vast majority of these studies have examined the impact of adopting technology such as digital classroom, videos, and mobile platforms on the proficiency of learners. More recently electrophysiological studies of letter–speech sound processing have revealed that […]

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