EnglishHelper is a social enterprise committed to using technology to enable people from across the world to achieve their desired level of English proficiency. The company operates across a number of market segments and geographies.



EnglishHelper is an education technology company with an established market presence and unique IP. The company is committed to make a compelling difference in the lives of millions across the globe. EnglishHelper was founded by Dr. Venkat Srinivasan, a Boston-based social entrepreneur and cognitive scientist. Sanjay Gupta, Chief Executive Officer (Global) is passionate about making available affordable and effective technology-enabled literacy and education solutions for every person across the world. EnglishHelper has launched an initiative ‘RightToRead’ and deployed ReadToMe, its reading and comprehension product, across thousands of public schools in India. Assessments conducted by independent, qualified agencies indicate significant reading gains for students exposed to the program. RightToRead is a program without borders and its footprint has expanded beyond Asia to Africa and Latin America. The company, in partnership with IL&FS Education (a major India based education provider), offers EnglishBolo™ to low income youth and adults. EnglishBolo™ is an affordable, online, blended (self-learning & virtual classroom) program. EnglishHelper products and solutions are available globally through its website. Users from across the world, at various levels of proficiency, benefit from its ‘Learn English’ offering – programs that enable English literacy including speaking and writing. WritingAssistant, its AI-powered writing checker, delivers best-in-class performance and is designed for a variety of use circumstances. Early writers use WritingAssistant to improve grammatical accuracy while proficient writers can be assured of error-free rendition of text and may receive suggestions for improving syntax.


EnglishHelper aims to be a trusted organization and a global leader in the area of English language skills, providing innovative and effective products and services.