ReadToMe Solutions in Odisha | A Case Study

Outcomes from a 300-school pilot


ReadToMe® is a multi-sensory reading and comprehension software that helps enhance students’ reading skills and increases teacher effectiveness.

The Mo School Abhiyan Parichalana Sangathan (MSA), a Government of Odisha Initiative under School & Mass Education Department, commissioned EnglishHelper to deploy ReadToMe® Solutions in Grade 9 in 30 Aspirational schools in Odisha. An impact assessment in a sample of these schools demonstrated significant improvement in students’ learning outcomes in Reading and Comprehension. Subsequently, MSA commissioned EnglishHelper to deploy ReadToMe® Solutions 300 Aspirational schools for Grades 9 and 10.

This report provides details of the implementation and the impact assessment done as part of this pilot.

ReadToMe® Deployment Timeline Highlights
ReadToMe® Deployment Process in 300 schools

Teacher Training

A total of 470 teachers from 300 schools were trained in the implementation and use of ReadToMe®.

Teachers were trained on the following:

– Introduction to ReadToMe®

– Signing up on ReadToMe Teacher Dashboard

– Installation of ReadToMe School Edition on school devices

– Using ReadToMe School Edition in the classroom

Teachers were also briefed on:

– ReadToMe School Edition implementation-related timelines.

– EnglishHelper district-wise dedicated personnel contact information.

Training Assessment and Feedback

At the end of the training, teachers were requested to undertake a training effectiveness assessment and complete a feedback form. Presented below are a few takeaways from teachers’ responses:

Understanding of ReadToMe® Solutions

– More than 97% of the teachers could comprehend that ReadToMe® is a reading and comprehension software that reads English text by highlighting each word.

– Almost all the teachers understood that they have to download ReadToMe Teacher Dashboard from the Google Play store and sign up using their mobile number and the school’s UDISE code.

– 94% of the teachers also understood that they need to download ReadToMe School Edition on their school devices after registering on ReadToMe Teacher Dashboard.

– Teachers were able to correctly indicate the steps that they would follow while conducting a ReadToMe®-enabled class session.

Teacher Feedback on ReadToMe® Training

– 85% of teachers agreed that ReadToMe® will help them in teaching.

– 85% of teachers also indicated that the training deck and videos were helpful.

– More than 60% of teachers indicated that they would like more training on ReadToMe® Solutions. The following actions were undertaken to address this need:

– EnglishHelper personnel called teachers and assisted them with queries and doubts.

– Refresher training sessions were conducted for teachers using various media.

– Teachers were guided to resources available on ReadToMe Teacher Dashboard and ReadToMe® YouTube channel.

ReadToMe Teacher Dashboard Registrations

ReadToMe Teacher Dashboard is an app specifically for teachers. It allows teachers to access ReadToMe® solutions, training materials, and other learning programs like EnglishBolo™. It also provides teachers with chapter-based pre-packaged homework that they can pass to students through WhatsApp. Students do the homework on ReadToMe Student Edition.

766 teachers have signed up on ReadToMe Teacher Dashboard.

ReadToMe® YouTube Live Sessions

EnglishHelper conducted 6 additional ReadToMe® Teacher Training – Live Sessions on YouTube. More than 200 teachers attended the sessions. Teachers were trained on: 

1. Best Practices: Using ReadToMe® in Class – this session helps teachers learn a variety of ways ReadToMe® can be used in class thus engaging students.

2. How to use ReadToMe® Tools Effectively – this session provides teachers with deeper insights about each ReadToMe® feature and methods of use in the classroom.

Links to the live sessions are shared below.

– Best Practices: Using ReadToMe® in Class:

– Learn to use ReadToMe® Tools Effectively:

ReadToMe® Implementation

ReadToMe® was implemented in 299 schools.

– In the remaining school (Laxminarayan Bidyapitha, Ashram Balikuda, Mahakalpara Block Kendrapara District), the lab is under renovation and Smartboard is not yet installed. 

ReadToMe® Usage

Impact of ReadToMe® on Student Learning Outcomes

Assessment Details

– Baseline-End line assessments were conducted among 156 students from 2 schools.

– End-line assessments were conducted three months after the Baseline.

– The schools conducted between 28 and 46 ReadToMe®-enabled classes in the three-month duration between Baseline and End line assessments.

– Due to limited IT infrastructure capacity, sections in these schools were combined to conduct ReadToMe®-enabled classes.

– Class strength of the combined sections was more than 60 students per class during ReadToMe®-enabled classes.

Learning Outcomes in Reading & Comprehension Increased Significantly

– Students exhibited a significant improvement of 55% in reading and comprehension after exposure to ReadToMe®-enabled classes.

– A significantly high number of students, 58%, were at the desired grade-level proficiency of CEFR B1 in the End line compared to 15% in the Baseline.

– Students improved across all domains of English and especially recorded marked improvement in reading and comprehension.

Improving Teacher Proficiency through EnglishBolo™

About EnglishBolo™

EnglishBoloTM is a 100-day synchronous and asynchronous learning program. Learners complete 100 self-paced lessons (Learn Yourself Lessons or LYLs) and 10 sessions that are live, virtual, and trainer-facilitated (Trainer Classes or TCs).

The program is adapted to learners’ proficiency. Before commencing the program, learners take a test (Placement Test) that establishes the proficiency and places them at a certain level of the program (Initial Level). Learners are offered the appropriate program based on the Initial Level at which they are placed.

After completion of the program (100 LYLs and 10 TCs), learners take another test to determine their level (Final Level) at the end of the program (Final Test). 

Highlights of the program in Odisha

– 21 teachers were onboarded onto EnglishBolo™.

– 60% of teachers are below the required minimum proficiency of CEFR B2 level.

– 13 Teachers completed all 100 Self Learning lessons and 10 Trainer Classes.

– 1 Teacher completed all 100 Self-Learning lessons.

– 6 Teachers had low engagement due to time constraints.

– All the 13 teachers who have completed the program have recorded improvement.

– Teachers’ feedback indicates improved fluency and confidence.

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