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EnglishHelper's new white paper about how use of technology in language learning is very common, and it can be combined with multisensory learning for an optimized learning experience... read more
The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and English Helper today launched the project 'RightToRead' to improve the reading levels of one million schoolchildren in India. ... read more
The teacher crisis in India is well known but not spoken about as much. It is estimated our government schools are in need of 5.9 lakh primary-level teachers and 3.5 lakh upper primary-level teachers.... read more
As the crow flies, Bandhwari village is less than 12 km from Gurgaon. In Bandhwari, there are 643 children below six years, about 15 per cent of the total population of just over 4000 people.... read more
Students of Chennai Corporation Schools demonstrate the power of using technologies to enable English reading skills.... watch video
Partur is a Municipal Council in Jalna district, Maharashtra. The Partur Municipal Council has a population of just over 35,000 and the literacy rate is lower than the state average. The main source of income is agriculture.... read more
English is well-known as the business language of the world – it is estimated that about one-fourth of the world’s population can communicate, at least to a small degree, in English. Its willingness to accept words and even grammatical structures from the vernacular has facilitated its rapid spread as the world’s lingua franca. While enabling people separated by great distances and cultures to communicate easily, it also makes business more challenging for those who have not yet mastered the language and creates a hierarchy, ranking those with greater familia rity over those with less.... Download
The Marathwada Zonal Council of the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) has planned an initiative called 'Right To Read' this academic year for government school in Aurangabad, Parbhani, Hingoli, Jalna and Beed districts that will enable students to read and comprehend better by employing technology enabled reading solutions in classrooms.... read more
There is a large and growing body of literature on the efficacy and positive impact of technology for improving English language learning. The vast majority of these studies have examined the impact of adopting technology such as digital classroom, videos, and mobile platforms on the proficiency of learners. More recently electrophysiological studies of letter–speech sound processing have revealed that multi-sensory learning approaches have significant potential to reduce the effort in mastering the ability to read.... Download
India's large English-speaking population has often been credited with playing a significant role in the success of its services sector. However, with other emerging economies continuing to close the linguistic gap and given the limitations of our vernacular-oriented education system, the advantage India has held so far may not last for too long.... read more
Know what Sanjay Gupta, Global CEO of English Helper has to share on his experiences in building up his business in a unique way. Hear his thoughts on the education system and what can be done to improve it.... see video
Omidyar Network, the philanthropic investment firm, has expanded its India portfolio by backing two education companies. The first is a venture capital investment in English language learning solutions company EnglishHelper while the other is a $950,000 grant to Akshara Foundation, which focuses on elementary education.... read more