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Introducing yourself is much more than just saying your name. It is a way to connect with people whom you have never met. Good English conversation skills are helpful while introducing yourself to people. The way you introduce yourself may change depending on the situation – if you are addressing a group of people, meeting someone for a job interview, or just starting a casual conversation with someone you just met. Some of the basics don’t change, however. Here are some tips to help you make a great first impression!

English, EnglishHelper, Language Skills, Public Speaking, english conversation

Smile and make eye contact

You can’t go wrong with a smile! If you’re meeting one or two people, offer to shake hands with them as you smile and look at them directly. Even if you are introducing yourself to a small group, such as a panel of interviewers or a group of people at a party, take the time to make eye contact with each one as you shake hands with them.

Say hello and state your name clearly and confidently

Don’t mumble! Slowing down the speed of your speech and raising the volume of your voice helps. If you talk too fast you may end up confusing the people you are talking to, and you may also end up confusing yourself. Think about what you want to say before you say it.

Improve your English conversation skills

Practice speaking English in a particular tone and speed, talk or greet someone in the manner you would expect to be greeted by somebody. If you feel you’re lacking in your English conversation skills, try Englishhelper’s free English learning program and improve your spoken English.

Always be polite

If you have just finished an interview, thank the interviewers for the opportunity to be interviewed by the organization. Similarly, if you end a conversation in a casual setting, tell the person you are speaking with that you enjoyed speaking to them. Do not walk away without ending the conversation on a positive note.

Keep it short

Share the right amount of relevant information about yourself. Your introduction should not be too short or too long. In an interview, a good rule is to share 3 pieces of information. For example: your name, your educational background, and one-sentence summary of your work experience. In a casual setting, it is always good to ask the person you are speaking about themselves. You should not be the person who is doing all the talking.

Know your audience

Share information that is relevant to the context. Think, in advance, about who you will be talking to – what would they need or like to know about you? For example, in an informal introduction to your new team, you could include information about where you live, your family, and your interests and hobbies. In an interview, you could share information that will help you stand out professionally such as your work experience and any specific area of professional interest that you have.

How you introduce yourself and what you say initially have the potential to make a big difference in the outcome of a conversation, so be mindful of what you’re saying and how you say it. While introducing yourself to people, good English conversation skills can make a huge difference.

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