Newsletter: September 2023, Volume 3

What’s new with EnglishHelper

EnglishHelper continues to demonstrate its strong commitment towards strengthening the literacy foundations. The organization is striving to provide ReadToMe® to over 100 million students in schools and facilitate textbook revision at home for over 50 million students through ReadToMe Student Edition. Looking ahead, EnglishHelper aims to establish its presence in over 500,000 schools in the next three years, exemplifying its dedication to enhancing learning opportunities. 

– Proud to share that EnglishHelper has been selected for the CGI Greenhouse Cohort 2023 by the Clinton Global Initiative for demonstrating the incredible impact of AI technology on the learning outcomes of millions of students. Learn more 

– Marking a unique partnership, EnglishHelper and Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) India have collaborated to implement ‘Technology Enabled Literacy and Reading’ in government schools by leveraging ReadToMe® in the classroom. Learn more

– The Department of Education, Government of Odisha, in partnership with EnglishHelper & Schoolnet India, planned to implement ReadToMe® in 4,000 secondary schools across all 30 districts in the state. This expansion follows a very successful pilot in 300 schools. Learn more 

– Private schools across India are deploying ReadToMe® to help students improve their English reading and comprehension. From Ranchi to Bengaluru, private schools across the country are now using ReadToMe® in their classrooms. Read more

– Expanding our footprint beyond the borders, EnglishHelper has partnered with Accedo Technologies to enhance the English proficiency of Grade 11 students from Colegio Parroquial Hermano Pedro Betancourt School, Nicaragua. Read more 

– After three successful batches of EnglishBolo™ learners, EnglishBolo™ has partnered for the fourth time with SOS Children’s Villages, an organization working with disadvantaged children to offer the 100-day English language learning program to learners. Read more

– Partnering for the fourth project, EnglishHelper & VisionFund will now offer Learn English program to employees of VisionFund in Vietnam. Employees across various functional departments will benefit from this program. Read more 


– Sanjay Gupta (Global CEO, EnglishHelper) was the panellist at the national knowledge event – ‘DigiQuity’- the flagship Education Program of the American India Foundation in New Delhi. He talks about technology being an enabler for self-learning that guarantees positive outcomes! Watch highlights

– In 2022, the Delhi Government piloted ReadToMe® across grades 6, 7 & 8. Encouraged by the success of the pilot, the Directorate of Education, Government of NCT of Delhi, and EnglishHelper have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to collaborate on deploying EnglishHelper’s solutions in government schools across Delhi. 

Impact Stories

– Kalpalata Swin, an English Teacher at Gopabandhu High School, Ganjam, Odisha, shares how ReadToMe® has revolutionized her teaching approach. The interactive tools from ReadToMe® have added excitement to her lessons. Read more

– Siri Pissay, a learner from Swapnodaya has overcome her hesitation and unlocked her newfound confidence in English, with the help of EnglishBolo™! She recommends EnglishBolo™ to other learners. Read more

– Dhanaji Raut, an English teacher from Sulakhe High School in Solapur, Maharashtra, talks about the remarkable impact of ReadToMe® on students’ English reading and comprehension abilities. Read more

Research Articles

– ReadToMe® aligns with the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 contributing to the present education landscape.  

The National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 in India aims to bring about a shift in the education system. ReadToMe® emerges as a powerful educational solution that supports the recommendations of NEP 2020.

Read the blog to find out more

– A grade-wise cross-sectional study of classroom engagement behaviour with ReadToMe®

ReadToMe® is used across a diverse cross-section of schools. The study analyzes how different grades and student groups use various tools provided by ReadToMe® for improving their English language skills in different educational contexts.

Read the research paper to find out more

– ReadToMe® Solutions in Odisha – Outcomes from a 300-school pilot

The study showcases significant improvements in student reading and comprehension skills, as well as increased teacher engagement and proficiency through the utilization of these educational solutions.

Read the research paper to find out more