Newsletter: February 2023, Volume 2

What’s New

⦿ EnglishHelper along with Schoolnet India Limited will enable more than 10,000 teachers in Arunachal Pradesh to use ReadToMe School Edition in their classrooms. Teachers across schools will benefit from this unique curriculum-aligned multi-sensory English reading and comprehension software! |  Read more

⦿ As part of corporate partnerships, ReadToMe solutions are being implemented across 15 government schools in West Bengal & Assam as part of the CSR initiative of Mjunction! The program is spread across 15 schools covering around ~ 4000 students from grades 5 to 7.  | Read more

⦿ This year EnglishHelper welcomed Perfetti Van Melle India to begin the second innings of their partnership. In 2019, EnglishHelper and ShikshaDaan Foundation partnered with Perfetti Van Melle India under its CSR initiative Project प्रGyan – II to implement ReadToMe in schools. |  Read more

⦿ EnglishHelper & World Vision – VisionFund Sri Lanka have launched a new batch of the spoken English program. This partnership is aimed at improving the English proficiency of the employees across various departments in the organization.  |  Read more

⦿ EnglishHelper is delighted to partner with Lila Poonawalla Foundation – India (LPF) for the 6th batch of around 700 learners. This partnership started in 2019, and since then several batches of learners have trained with EnglishBolo.  |  Read more

⦿ EnglishBolo is excited to partner with Udayan Care for its latest batch of EnglishBolo learners. EnglishBolo and Udayan Care have been enabling language learning skills among young learners since 2017. |  Read more

⦿ EnglishBolo has partnered for the third time with SOS Children’s Villages, an organisation working with disadvantaged children to offer the 100-day English language learning program to deserving learners. They have been partners since 2019.  |  Read more

⦿ EnglishBolo is now a learning partner of Swapnodaya, a Bengaluru-based NGO focused on identifying high-potential candidates among low-income groups and providing them with career skills. Learners will now use EnglishBolo to improve their language proficiency.  |  Read more


⦿ EnglishHelper partnered with the esteemed EducationWorld India Early Childhood Education National Conference 2022 and EW India Preschool Rankings 2022-23 Awards conducted at The LaliT New Delhi on December 21, 2022. This event highlights the vital importance of early childhood care and education (ECCE) in the education continuum. |  Read more

⦿ Hemavathi Murthy, Vice President, EnglishHelper delivered a talk on the challenges of learning language and English; and how ReadToMe uses learning science to help teachers to teach more effectively and to enable students to learn. |  Read more

⦿ Hundreds of students from grades 6 to 9 actively participated in the “ReadToMe Creative Champion Contest”. Students from Maharashtra & Punjab show increased engagement with ReadToMe Student Edition.  |  Read more

Research Articles

⦿ Early Trends: Students’ Engagement with ReadToMe Student Edition – This paper studies the impact of receiving homework on student engagement. 

⦿ Early Trends: Teachers’ use of ReadToMe in school nudges students toward registering and engagement with ReadToMe Student Edition

News Highlights

Several local newspapers in Maharashtra covered the prize distribution ceremony of the top performing schools from Pune, Aurangabad, Solapur, Nashik, Nagpur, and Amravati districts for conducting the most number of ReadToMe – enabled English classes with ReadToMe School Edition.  | Read more

Impact Stories

⦿ Nadeesha, an English teacher from Mahinda Rajapaksha Kanishta Vidyalaya, Elpitiya, Galle District, Southern Province in Sri Lanka has been using ReadToMe School Edition in class to teach her students English.  |  Read more

⦿ Students from Punjab love reading their English chapters at home now! Meet Priyanka, Arshdeep, Aarti, Saurav, and Mehaknoor from Gurdaspur district. They have been regularly revising their textbooks with the help of ReadToMe Student Edition. |  Read more

⦿ Meet English teachers, Rakhi Mohanty and Sonali Mishra from Government High School, Bhubaneswar, who have recently started taking English lessons with the help of ReadToMe School Edition.  |  Read more

⦿ Amaranath Bhuyan an Asst Teacher from Odisha talks about how beneficial EnglishBolo is for teachers. As part of the process of implementing ReadToMe®, all teachers in the school were provided access to EnglishBolo™.  |  Read more