Learning English at School is Fun and Exciting with ReadToMe®


RightToRead in Karnataka – Learning English in the Early Days

Learning English is a challenge across the country. In Karnataka, many initiatives have been introduced to improve English reading and comprehension of government school students. The RightToRead program was implemented in the state in 2013 by EnglishHelper in partnership with American India Foundation.


The RightToRead Initiative: English Learning Initiative

RightToRead is an initiative that aims to enable English Literacy with the help of multi-sensory reading and comprehension AI software (ReadtoMe®). Research indicates, language is learnt best when learners are exposed to the language in a multi-sensory environment. ReadtoMe®, the AI software, enables the reading of prescribed English textbooks during normal class hours. 

RightToRead Program has Expanded to Reach Over 150,000 Students Across 26 Districts

In 2013, the program was launched in 10 schools in South Bangalore covering almost 1000 students. Encouraged by the success of the initial pilot, the program was extended in 2015, in partnership with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). Since then, the RightToRead program has expanded to reach over 500 schools, in 26 districts, covering more than 150,000 students!

Teachers’ Role – Using ReadToMe® Software in Class

Teachers using ReadToMe® continue to play a pivotal leadership role in the classroom. Their effectiveness is enhanced because students enjoy the multi-sensory learning experience in class. Student engagement improves retention and learning. Since the software enables reading of prescribed English textbooks, syllabus goals are achieved during normal class hours. In other words, ReadToMe® enabled classes are integrated into the class time-table. 

Veena, is an English teacher in GHPS, Channasandra. She says, “I have been using ReadToMe® software for past 3 years and I found it very effective, as it creates interest in the subject, enhances students’ pronunciation and improves their English reading and English writing skills. The RightToRead project has not only helped the children to learn English, it has also empowered teachers by saving our time, enriching our knowledge and improving our vocabulary.”

English teacher for grades 6 to 8, Pramila P says “I have been using ReadToMe® since August 2016 and I am very much thankful to ReadToMe® software for being a teacher and student-friendly tool. It plays a vital role in enriching the basic skills of a language. It also enables pupils towards learning by providing knowledge about voice modulation, dictionary meaning, translation, pronunciation etc.”


Students’ Speak

Geeta, a Grade 7 student in GHPS Puttenhali, says she has been learning English with ReadToMe® for two years and finds the software very helpful as it has helped her with improved English reading skills. It helps her find pictures, and to learn word meanings. Geeta also likes the pronunciation tool very much.

KavyaShri, a grade 6 student, reports that ReadToMe® class is her favorite and she attends her English class regularly, as it helps her with reading and comprehension. She enjoys the translation tool very much. 

RightToRead – Transforming Education in India

India has a reading crisis. RightToRead is demonstrating the power of curriculum integrated technology as a solution that enables English learning. The program provides confidence to blend technology and education to significantly improve English literacy in India.

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