Learning English: Start at the Right Level

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If you have never exercised at a gym before, it may not be a good idea to start your first day lifting 40-pound dumbbells. It would be better to start off with easier, shorter workouts and increase their difficulty and intensity as you find yourself getting stronger. It is the same with your English language learning workouts. When you are learning English, practicing English at the right level is important.

Short and Simple Passages 

Use learning content that enables you to read, listen, and speak at a level that’s right for you. As you practice your English skills, you will improve and be ready for higher learning levels. Read this short passage from one of the EnglishHelper learning programs. It is about a tea vendor, who has a popular little stall.

LSRW, Language Learning, Practice English, English Skills, Learning English, Free English

The Tea Man

His stall is tiny. It is just a tin shed with a small wooden table and a broken chair. The table is very clean. It has a small gas stove, a big saucepan to make tea, and two glass jars – one with sweet and the other with salty biscuits. Every morning, at 7:00 a.m., the tea man opens his little stall and starts selling cups of hot, milky tea with biscuits for just one dollar. People love his tea! Early morning walkers, office goers, students, housewives – they all come to the little stall to drink tea, chat with their friends, and enjoy a break from their work. The tea man is one of the most liked people in my neighbourhood!

Start at the Right Level for Learning English

Was the passage too easy? Perhaps you need learning material designed for a higher level.  Was it okay, but just a little difficult? In that case, consider practicing your English language skills using more content at the same difficulty level. It is one of the best ways of learning English

If you are working out to improve your English, join our learn English program at the level that’s right for you. Take a short test and start learning English right away, using learning material at your level.

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