Multi-Task with Your English Language Learning

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When you are trying to improve your English language skills, it is important for you to practice or work out every day. Earlier, we had suggested that the learning material you use should be interesting, so that you enjoy the process of learning as you practice English.

Using Simple Passages to Improve Your English Language Skills

Simple passages that you relate to can help you improve your English language skills. Find content that is relevant and interesting. If you have fun learning, you will probably want to keep going. Also, It should be at a level best suited for you.

English Language, English Skills, Language Skills, Learn English

The Shirt That Didn’t Fit

I have a promotion interview with the Director of my division in office next week. Yesterday, I went to the mall to buy a new shirt to wear at the interview. I walked into my favorite menswear store – BK’s. There was a blue, striped shirt that I liked very much. It was also very expensive. My wife loved it too! I was sure that I wanted to buy that shirt. However, when I tried it, it didn’t feel quite right. Somehow, it didn’t fit well at the shoulders. But I liked it so much that I told my wife I wanted to buy it anyway. Maybe no one would really notice that it didn’t fit exactly right. Did people really notice such things?

When I told the salesperson who was helping me to pack the shirt, I was surprised at his response. He said, “Sir, can I suggest that you try on a different shirt, please? You mentioned that you’re buying this shirt for an important meeting. It may not make a very good impression if the shirt is ill fitting.”

My wife and I were surprised. I knew that the sales people at BK’s work on commission. It would have helped him to sell us the expensive shirt. However, he was honest about what he felt. He helped me make the right decision. He understood that his job was not just to sell, but talk to customers and help them make their buying decisions. Working in a high-end apparel store, his job was to help people look well dressed. By doing this, the sales person showed a high level of customer service. This is one of the reasons I love BK’s.

Choose Appropriate Learning Material

Find lessons in English that can multitask for you. This will help you stay motivated and interested as you work to improve your English. If the program uses material that is relevant to your context or profession, it can help you improve not just your English language skills, but also reinforce your professional skills.

EnglishHelper has a program that starts with a simple placement test so you know what your level is. It is a free program that starts off with a placement test and gives you a Lot of practice at each level. The best way to improve your English speaking skills is to read aloud at your level.

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