Refine Your Spoken English Skills for an Interview

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Got an interview call letter and wondering how to prepare for it? It is important to make a good impression in an interview. Good spoken English skills are important, but that’s the not the only thing that matters.

EnglishHelper, Life Skills, Careers, Job, Hiring, Spoken English, Spoken English Online, Learn English, Learn English Online

Getting an interview call may mean that you have the basic knowledge and skills that are required for the job. However, you do need to prepare for the selection process which may include multiple rounds of interviews including a domain skills or technical round and HR round. Some tips which will help you in your interview preparation:

Do Your Research

Go through the company’s website and try to find out as much as possible about the organization. Try to find a current employee of the organization. Talk to them about the organization, its nature of business and its competitors. Most interviewers want to know if the candidate has taken interest in researching about the company and its business model. Prepare some questions that you can ask the interviewer regarding your position and role as it will demonstrate your curiosity and passion for the job.

Prepare Responses

Research the questions that are typically asked in different rounds of interviews and prepare responses for them. Be prepared for questions regarding your core concepts. The interviewer may ask questions regarding your domain knowledge. Revise your domain knowledge thoroughly so that you can be prepared to answer any question. 

Read as many case studies as possible as your HR interview may involve behavioral and situational questions. Practice answering situational questions with examples.

Hold Mock Interviews with Friends

Practice mock interviews with friends as this can help you build your confidence and improve interview technique. It will also improve your spoken English skills. Play the part of both, interviewee and interviewer, as this will help you think about the questions the interviewer might ask. Your friends answers to your questions can also help increase your library of responses.

Improve Your Spoken English Skills

Most jobs will require you to communicate whether it is with colleagues or clients. So, it is highly probable that the interviewer will be looking for candidates with good conversational skills. Good spoken English skills can help make a good first impression.

Before going for an interview you must prepare for it. Research the organization, prepare a list of questions that you can ask the interviewer, revise your domain knowledge, and practice mock interviews with friends. During the interview, pay attention to your body language and show enthusiasm for your role and the organization. Answer questions with confidence and maintain eye contact with the interviewer. These tips can help you prepare and perform well for your upcoming interviews. 

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