More Than Spoken English – 6 Must Haves!

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Having proper Spoken English skills can help you get good job opportunities. Finding the right job is difficult enough. However, finding one and maximizing your success in it is probably even more challenging. Besides having a new environment to put your spoken English skills to the test, you will have to master being an effective employee. That brings us to today’s topic where we discuss some qualities which most successful and effective employees possess.

English Speaking, Learn English, Learn English Online, Spoken English, Spoken English Online, Speak English, English Grammar, EnglishHelper, English Skills, Language Learning


Imagine coming in to work an hour late, without enough sleep, a headache, and a mind buzzing with cluttered thoughts. Doesn’t sound like an ideal start to the day, does it? For some, the concept of being on time is easier said than done. That is the reason this particular habit is at the top of the list.

Being punctual is probably the most common requirement towards building a successful career. Time management is not just about showing up to work on time, but also about handling work-related commitments effectively, attending meetings, deadlines, and still maintaining a balance between your professional and personal life. Getting into the habit of good time management and punctuality can enable you to maximize your energy and efficiency while you’re at work.

Go that extra mile

Some of the qualities that shape an effective employee are creativity, willingness to take risks, and grabbing opportunities instead of waiting for challenges to come your way. In a work setting, try to be aware of the needs and requirements of your company. Find ways to fill spaces that could facilitate the growth of the organization, as well as your own. The sign of a competent and efficient employee is showing willingness to learn new things.

Be professional

If you are excited about working on a certain task or project, the chances of it turning out successfully are very high.

Having said that, we can’t be expected to be in a fabulous mood all the time. There will be times when you may not be feeling 100% inspired to work, or facing some ups and downs personally or professionally. While work can be fun when you’re in good spirits, the real test of an effective employee is completing tasks with determination when you’re feeling the least productive. It’s also worth remembering that hardwork and sincerity never goes unnoticed.

Maintaining a professional persona can also help keep relations with your workmates easy, so that everyone is focused on the team’s success.

Accept criticism

We all make mistakes, and even the most talented people can mess up every now and then. What is important is that you are aware of your mistakes and are willing to work on them. If your boss or a fellow colleague points out a mistake, don’t argue or be defensive about it, and accept the criticism in good spirits. It’s okay to be wrong, because you can learn and improve from your mistake.

Also, ask the right questions and seek constructive criticism; especially if you feel that your work is inadequate or needs improvement.

Learn a new skill and improve your spoken English

No matter how much you succeed at your job role, always show willingness learn new skills. Identify the areas where you think you need improvement and then focus on refining those.

For example, being able to communicate effectively in written and spoken English is a skill that has gained a lot of importance in the global business world. If you feel that your English language skills are lacking, try to work on improving them. Join an English Speaking language course, or find online English grammar checking softwares like the WritingAssistant which include in-depth explanations, examples, and quizzes.

Be humble

It doesn’t take a lot to develop a smug and egoistic attitude after tasting success. It does, however, take conscious effort and goodness of character to remain respectful and courteous. Success is not just about the material rewards and accolades. A successful individual is someone who is able to remain humble despite all the recognition that he or she has achieved. In a company environment, your own success is the company’s success.

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