EnglishHelper launches ReadToMe® in Maharashtra

EnglishHelper is an Impact First social enterprise, committed to using technology to enable people around the world to achieve the desired expertise in English!

Together in collaboration with the Department of School Education and Sports, Government of Maharashtra, Regional Academic Authority, Aurangabad and SchoolNet India Limited, a company that provides technology-based educational services to schools, ReadTome® has been launched in 90,000 schools across Maharashtra.  

ReadToMe® is an easy to use AI software equipped with sophisticated Text-to-Speech voice technology that enables multi-sensory reading and comprehension. This multi-sensory learning has significant potential to improve the systematic acquisition of reading skills. Repeated multi-sensory exposure to words, enables word recognition and facilitates the development of pronunciation and oral skills.

Mr RCM Reddy, Managing Director, Schoolnet India Limited remarked ‘’We are committed to providing equal opportunity to all students irrespective of their economic background. The pandemic has had a significant effect on students’ reading ability. ReadToMe®, the multi-sensory Software helps students in reading and comprehending English textbooks’’.

Read the original article published recently by a leading marathi newspaper, Punyanagari Mumbai, Pune and Nashik Edition –

Adarsh Maharashtra, Shivner and Navshakti also talk about the launch of ReadToMe® across the state!

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