4 Reasons Why This English Learning App Is For You | ReadToMe Student Edition

English Learning App

ReadToMe Student Edition, a  multi-sensory AI English learning app caters to the learning needs of K12 learners. The app assists students in completing their learning goals while staying at home. Once schools re-open, this English learning app will continue to supplement classroom learning at home. ReadToMe Student Edition enables school students to practise English on their Android devices by assisting their reading and comprehension of curriculum prescribed textbooks. This app is making English learning easy, fun and accessible anytime and anywhere.

Here’s why you should download ReadToMe Student Edition and start learning English with this AI app.

1.Textbooks online: What if studying with your books could become more interesting? What if your books read out to you? Amazing, right?  ReadToMe Student Edition aims to make reading and comprehension easier. This English learning app reads out English lessons from the school textbooks to students. The students can listen to the voice, read along with it or practise silent reading. 

ReadToMe Student Edition is trained to read NCERT English books of grades 1 to 12. Presently, students of Maharashtra and Karnataka can also access state board prescribed English books on ReadToMe Student Edition. 

2. Learn at your own pace: An English learning app that allows you to control the reading speed as per your requirements – make it read faster or slower depending on the complexity of the text.

3. Tools to assist you in English comprehension: The app has an inbuilt dictionary, picture dictionary and a translation tool to help you learn new words. The pronunciation and spelling tool will help with word recognition and improve your oral reading.

4. Affordable pricing: ReadToMe Student Edition is available at an affordable price for you. Textbooks of all grades are made available for each subscriber. So, if your brother or sister wants to use the app to read their grade textbooks, they can do so! 

ReadToMe Student Edition is an extension of the ReadToMe School Edition, which is used by millions of students in schools across India. Teachers recommend its usage because it is easy to use, requires little technological know-how and aids in syllabus completion. 

ReadToMe Student Edition – an English learning app – will now help you read English better by practising at home. Download today!

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