A Story From The Hills: English Learning And Life Goals

ReadToMe Student Edition English

‘I have just one goal –  a job in the government sector. I want to support my family.’-  says a determined 16-year-old Komal from Hamirpur, Himachal Pradesh. ‘My father used to work as a driver, but lost his job during the lockdown. Presently, my mother is the only breadwinner. She runs a tailoring shop. I will be able to end the financial troubles of my parents as soon as I get a job.’ Komal is admirably resolute at such a young age. But then what may stop her from achieving her goal? 

‘I want to speak English like my cousins from Delhi’, says Komal. She is a grade 10 student of Government School, Hamirpur. ‘My relatives speak better English, I want to talk like them,’ says this young girl with a big dream.

Like many in India, English is aspirational for Komal. Mastery of the language will inspire her to perform better with enhanced confidence. ‘Government job exams require English language skills’, is her quick reply to the question of why she wants to learn English. Komal says ‘People pay more attention when you speak in English. It is important that people listen to you when you want to become a government official.’ 

Komal is one of the many students who are dependent on their school education for all their learning needs. With little or no academic help from parents, students like Komal find it difficult to enhance their education outside school. 

Komal has recently started using ReadToMe Student Edition – the English learning app – on her father’s mobile phone. She is familiar with ReadToMe® software, which is in regular use in her school.  

Komal finds the multi-sensory AI-enabled app extremely useful. It has helped her continue her studies even during the lockdown. She is confident that she will improve her English with this app. She uses the app every day for at least an hour. She has been reading her English lessons on the app. She says, ‘it is easier to read now because I know how each word is pronounced.’

The app helps her ‘learn spellings and meanings’. Komal tells us, ‘I can study anytime with the app. At times, I like sitting outside and reading with the app.’ Komal believes that she is one step closer to achieving her dream, now that she has ReadToMe Student Edition to improve her English at her own pace. 

ReadToMe Student Edition – the English learning app – is an English reading comprehension app meant for K12 learners. The app is available to students across India. The app is trained to read English textbooks thanks to its AI technology.

At present, the app provides access to NCERT English textbooks for grades 1 to 12, Maharashtra State Board English textbooks from grades 1 to 10, Karnataka State Board: English as a second language for grades 1 to 10, and English as a third language for grades 6 to 10. Apart from English, ReadToMe Student Edition also offers NCERT History, Civics & Geography textbooks (Social Studies) for Grade 6 to 8. 

We wish Komal the best of luck in her future endeavours. With ReadToMe Student Edition now available across regions in India, we hope to help children like Komal achieve their learning goals and bring about the changes they desire. 

Download ReadToMe Student Edition – the English learning app – to start practising reading comprehension.

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