English Language | Etiquette in Public Places

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Every day, as we go about our daily activities – working, going to school or college, shopping, eating out, and travelling – we come across hundreds of people. They walk the same corridors as us, travel in the same Metro or bus as us, and eat at the same cafeteria as us. We won’t ever know their names, and will probably have little or no meaningful interaction with them. However, since they share a public space with us, they have an impact on us. Their behaviour makes a difference to us. Good English language skills are helpful when we interact with different people.

Life Skills, Public Speaking, Language Skills, EnglishHelper, Learn English, Learn English Online, Spoken English, Spoken English Online, Speak English, English Grammar, English Language

Trying to keep things pleasant for everyone around you – that’s what etiquette is really all about. The need for good etiquette isn’t limited to the workplace. Etiquette is important any time you’re interacting with people – whether they are your friends, co-workers, or just strangers in a movie hall. It’s the small gestures of politeness that make a big impression on people. There are some rules to be followed w.r.t. our behaviour when we are in a public place

Etiquette in a Workplace

Imagine that you’re in an elevator going to your workplace. You have a long day ahead of you and an important deadline to meet. You’re getting your thoughts together for an important meeting that starts in a few minutes. Suddenly, when the elevator stops a couple of floors before yours, a large crowd of noisy youngsters push their way into the already crowded elevator. They’re laughing loudly and making rude jokes about each other. They don’t give a thought to the fact that you and others in the elevator are now uncomfortably pushed against the walls of the elevator and being disturbed by their loud voices and crude jokes. This wasn’t how you wanted to start your morning at your workplace, was it? You shake your head, shrug your shoulders, and walk into your meeting – there’s no permanent damage because of the youngsters’ behavior but it did make your morning unpleasant.

Etiquette in a Movie Theatre

Imagine that you are a mother of two little children – they’re lovable and they mean the world to you, but they’re also naughty and they keep you on your toes all day. You’re always busy and outings with friends are rare. So, you’re thrilled when you get a chance to watch the latest movie with an old college friend. Excited about spending a fun and relaxing afternoon with your friend, you enter the movie hall with your popcorn and a cold drink and find your seat. Just when the movie starts, however, you hear a cell phone ringing loudly somewhere near you. The lady sitting next to you picks up the phone and starts talking loudly to someone named Tutu. She is loud because she needs to make sure Tutu can hear her over the sound of the movie. After a long conversation, she puts the phone down. Tutu and some others make many calls over the next couple of hours and she answers each one of them. The lady doesn’t stop to think of how her behaviour might be disturbing you or any of the others around her. She’s paid for the ticket, after all. You don’t know who she is, but she did manage to ruin your outing.

Refine Your English Language Skills

When you are interacting with different people, good English language skills will boost your confidence and you will have a better chance of getting your message across to different people. Reading aloud is the best way to learn to speak English with confidence. That’s a great starting point to give you the confidence to start speaking in English from the comfort of your home, without the fear of making mistakes. It will improve your English language skills and you will find it easier to speak to people too.

The next time you’re out in a public place, what’s the impression you want to leave? Be aware of what is happening around you and react appropriately.

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