Get a Great Internship with Improved Spoken English

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Summer is here! For students in college and high school, this the best time to get an internship! An internship provides you with an important first look at what professional life is like. The process to get a good internship can be frustrating. Do not let this discourage you because getting an internship gives you many advantages. Today’s job market is more competitive than ever before, that is why getting an internship is a great idea. Whether it is paid or unpaid, full-time or part-time, getting an internship will show employers that you have experience and that you took the initiative to get ahead of the competition. In addition to this, having a good hold on your spoken English might help bring out your personality and get a better internship.

English Speaking, Learn English, Learn English Online, Spoken English, Spoken English Online, Speak English, English Grammar, EnglishHelper, English Skills, Language Learning

If you want to get an internship but are confused about where to start, here’s a short guide help you get the internship that is most suited for you.

Identify the Field of Work That Interests You

A good starting point is to first identify what kind of work interests you. For many students, figuring out what career they want to pursue can be difficult. We suggest that you take this pressure of yourself and look for an internship that aligns with your hobbies and passions if possible. If you are unable to do this, then keep an open mind and look for an internship that will teach you new skills. The internship you choose does not have to determine your career path, so you can be flexible with your choices.

Use a Career Counselor

Career counselors are an excellent resource. Many schools and colleges have career counselors available for their students. They have a lot of experience in helping students find internships for the summer. They have networks that connect them with many recruiters from different professional fields and maybe able to provide you with leads. Meeting with career counselors and telling them what you are looking for will help you refine your search process and narrow your focus.

Talk to Your Teachers and Professors

Similar to career counselors, your teachers and professors can be an excellent resource. They will also have knowledge and experience helping students find internships. If you choose to talk to a professor in the department that your are majoring in, they might be able to connect you with people who can offer you internships in your field of study.

Build Your Own Network and Talk to Other Students

Throughout college, many students will undertake multiple internships before they get their first real job after college. It is a good idea to talk to your fellow students who have had internships in the past. They have been through the process of finding internships for themselves and will be able to offer you helpful advice to guide your search process. Furthermore, they will have a better understanding of the opportunities that are available and this is also a good way to start building your professional network.

Take Advantage of Your School’s Alumni Network

Most schools and colleges maintain an alumni directory. This record is usually kept up to date by the career services department or the alumni office. This record will have many names, email addresses, and current professions. It might be a good idea to contact alumni who are currently working in a field that interests you. If you write to them asking for assistance they will most likely respond since you both represent the same academic institution.

Writing a well drafted email in such a situation is important. If you are unsure about the proper way to write formal emails, it might be a good idea to revisit some of our older blog posts on the matter.

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Refine Your Spoken English Skills

These days, any workplace you enter is becoming increasingly globalized. Whether you are applying for an internship or a job, employers tend to favor those candidates that speak English well. If you have already learned English, it would be a good idea to refine your spoken English skills. When you learn English, you are able to connect and converse with a much larger network of people. Once you start to communicate with people from diverse backgrounds effectively, you are exposed to new ideas and ways of thinking. Being a multilingual person sharpens your skills and increases your value in the workplace.

Improving your English might seem difficult. We understand that it takes time and effort, which is why we are here to make your language learning experience a little bit easier. To improve your spoken English from the comfort of your home, try the free EnglishHelper English speaking course.

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