Better Leadership with English Conversation Skills

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The animal world often provides interesting insights into human behavior. After all, we have all evolved from common ancestors. It’s useful to watch how certain animals that live in groups conduct themselves. Inevitably, there is a leader; either a dominant male or, in certain cases like elephants, a seasoned matriarch leading the herd. The tasks to be done are divided among the members of the group. For example in a honey -comb (bee hive) there are different tasks for the queen bee and the helper ants. The proper allocation of work comes with good English conversation skills.

English Speaking, Learn English, Learn English Online, Spoken English, Spoken English Online, Speak English, English Grammar, EnglishHelper, English Skills, Language Learning

Delegating Effectively

Humans, when in a group, tend to behave similarly. A gathering of people without a leader can find itself slow and disorganized when faced with a specific challenge or task. In business this is inevitably solved with the creation of roles, positions and structures. This helps provide clarity and reduces the chances of undesirable conflict breaking out. However, this by itself does not resolve all issues that may arise in the course of normal business activities.

It is very important for managers and leaders to effectively delegate tasks to their team members. Being a good leader involves delegating tasks to colleagues. Successful delegation can take time but it helps increase team engagement and thus increases their motivation.

Importance of English Conversation Skills

Before delegating a task, it is maybe necessary to have a detailed discussion with the concerned person. Most often problems in an organization arise because of lack of adequate English conversation skills communication. Organizations work hard to encourage openness. Leaders communicate frequently. Employees are recognized and rewarded if they demonstrate the ability to resolve issues by communicating effectively. In many situations, it is important to have good English speaking skills to communicate effectively; English is widely spoken in workplaces today. Many companies invest in training programs to enable employees to increase their English conversation skills. Having a good command over spoken English and the English language is often important to succeed in the corporate world.

How to Resolve Conflict

When a large number of people come together, conflict is normal. Conflict can be good or unhealthy. Competition leads to enhanced performance. This is desirable. However, address the conflict when it becomes a hindrance to the pursuit of the larger objective. There are various ways to do so. Organizations build processes and seek to develop a culture that enables the resolution of conflict. When functionaries differ or suffer a disagreement that is halting progress they can seek arbitration by a leader with greater authority. In some cases, they may want a facilitated resolution by support functions like Human Resources. All conflicts do not lend themselves to process based solutions. Often, the relevant parties may need to address the issue through.

In summary, leaders are effective if they engage and support a culture of conversation. Often, this requires building communication skills.  The most common medium of interaction is the English language. Speaking and writing English are important investments that support this goal.

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