Learn English to Network Effectively

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Networking is a much used term. The term “networked person” conjures up the image of someone who flits from one social event to another probably someone shaking a lot of hands and giving a lot of speeches at influential forums. Sure, that may be the lifestyle of some however, it does not have to be that way for all of us. Although if you learn English, you might be able to communicate with people more easily. As, the English language is widely used and can help you in meeting and networking with more people.

What Is Networking?

Let’s first understand what we mean by networking. This is about building circles of influence as relevant to each person’s context. A person servicing a large global customer may build a network of relationships with key executives employed by the client. A corporate manager responsible for public affairs may seek to interact formally or informally with various government officials to develop a network. A CFO of a company may connect with other CFOs. The list can go on. Over time and with increasing job responsibility, nothing stops an individual from building a variety of networks.

English Speaking, Learn English, Learn English Online, Spoken English, Spoken English Online, Speak English, English Grammar, EnglishHelper, English Skills, Language Learning

Relationships and Their Role

The next obvious question is how does one identify the individuals or groups for affiliation? The answer is again dependent on context. What is the need: social or professional? Sometimes these lines may blur especially when a person’s sphere of influence expands. Social relationships may be helpful for enabling business objectives and vice versa. However, at an early stage in one’s career the most likely professional benefits will come from relationships within the work environment.

How to Develop Your Professional Relationships

Now the next the big challenge: how does one actually develop useful relationships? Does it need a series of dining events at expensive restaurants? Long evenings spent at social gatherings? Networking is a process of interaction in a manner as befits the situation. Seeking speaking opportunities at industry forums is a way of developing networks. Meetings at work are effective for building bridges. The important aspect to note is the need to plan and act upon the intent to network. It’s appropriate to develop a calendar of meetings and events for this purpose. It is useful to prepare for each meeting to derive maximum benefit.

It is important to clarify that while this approach may appear to be lacking in emotion that is definitely not the case. Relationships are an outcome of the two important EQs we possess; ‘execution quotient’ and ‘emotional quotient’. If we get the execution plan in order and can back it with the requisite emotional investment, networking may yield relationships that go beyond their original intent. Ultimately, we control the size and quality of our circle of influence.

Learn English for Better Networking

In the contemporary business landscape, one cannot network effectively without having a good grasp of spoken English. This is because English has become the language for international business. As the world becomes increasingly globalized, learning English has become a necessity for working professionals.

Learn English or develop your English language skills, to get access to a greater number of networking opportunities. As a professional with good spoken English skills, you will generally find life easier in a large, global organization. Networking opportunities will be more abundant for those professionals with good English speaking skills. They will be able to interact with colleagues and customers across the world.

Being a multilingual person sharpens your skill set and increases your value in the workplace. If you have the necessary language skills, it will also indicate that you have the ability to adapt to new cultures. To learn English or to improve your spoken English from the comfort of your home, try the free EnglishHelper English speaking course. It will help you improve your English conversation skills and your English grammar.

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