RightToRead -Technology and Education in the Schools of Assam

Improving English Literacy with the Aid of Technology Across 21 Districts of Assam

Assam has over 65000 government schools with more than 50 lakh school going children. As per ASER 2018, basic education in Assam has some distance to cover; only 33.5% of students in grade 5 are able to read a grade 2 textbook. The situation with learning English is not much better. Assam has a diverse range of populations. Many minority communities and groups do not boast high levels of literacy. Children from such backgrounds often need additional support to achieve desired learning outcomes. 

The RightToRead program was launched in Assam, in July 2019 with support from Government of Assam and in partnership with Schoolnet. The program focuses on enhancing English reading and comprehension skills of nearly 400,000 government school students from grades 1-12 across 21 districts.

RightToRead – A Solution to the English Reading And Comprehension Challenge

RightToRead aims to deploy AI technology in classrooms. This initiative enables English literacy in schools with the help of multi-sensory reading and comprehension AI software – ReadToMe®.  

The AI software is ‘trained’ to read prescribed English textbooks. Teachers are trained in the use of the software in class.  ReadToMe® supported classes are held during normal English class periods. 

Research indicates, language is best learned when learners are exposed to the language in a multi-sensory environment. The blend of multi- sensory AI technology and education for enhancing literacy is being demonstrated as an efficient, effective and scalable solution. 

ReadToMe® improves teacher effectiveness. Students show greater engagement during these classes. This leads to improved learning outcomes. 

RightToRead – Critical Success Factors

Across the country the RightToRead footprint reaches thousands of schools benefiting millions of children. The success of the program has been driven by the following tenets of sustainable change:

1) The program uses existing English textbooks. This obviates the need for additional or supplementary learning material and effort. 

2) Teachers are empowered and continue to lead the learning process in the classroom.

3) The software has the ability to ‘localise’ itself e.g. offer vernacular translation for English words.

4) ReadToMe® is deployed across devices and formats. E.g. PC and Android, online and offline. 

To know more about ReadToMe®, watch a demo class. Please click here

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