Spoken English and Other Markers of Success


Are there habits you can develop today that will help you be successful in the long term? Are there skills you can work on now that will help you forever? These could range from attitudes like self-motivation to skills such as spoken English – they each play an important role in your professional success.

We talked to people in leading positions in corporations and asked them this one question – what qualities are the key markers of long term professional success? Here’s a compilation of the advice we heard from them.

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Be self-motivated

Show enthusiasm and interest in your work. Take complete ownership of your work. People who can work with little or no encouragement have a bright future in any organization.

Develop your domain skills

You should have the requisite skills for the job. Do your job well and don’t refuse any extra work that you receive from your seniors, as the experience that you would gain from the extra work will help you know more about the organization and will help you in the long run.

Keep updating your skills: Always be on the lookout to learn something new and keep updating yourself. In today’s rapidly changing work environment, it is very important to keep updating your skills to keep pace with others. This could include updating your computer skills, learning to use new tools and software, asking about what’s happening in other parts of the organization, learning something new about your industry, or even learning a new language. For example, if your spoken English skills are not as good as you would like, join an English speaking course to improve spoken English.

Become a people centric person

Most jobs in any organization involve interacting with people. You should have the ability to work with people be it your boss, colleagues, subordinates, or clients. When a group of individuals work together, they are able to complete tasks faster as many minds are at work. So, it is helpful to have the ability to perform as an individual and as a part of a team.

Deliver results

To be successful in an organization, delivering results is important. You should be both effective and efficient. Achieve your targets by utilizing the least amount of resources such as time and money. For example, you are a software developer and you are given a target to develop a software in six months, try to achieve the target in minimum possible time and cost.

Have a positive attitude

People who have a positive attitude towards work and their colleagues are an asset to organizations as they help develop a good working environment in the organization. The ability to accept your mistakes and move forward in a positive way is important to succeed in an organization. If you have a positive attitude towards work, you will take more interest in your work and your productivity will increase.

Develop Your spoken English skills

Most jobs today require you to communicate – whether it is with your customers, senior management, or even your peers. Good communication skills can help you present your thoughts with clarity and efficiency. It is a good idea to invest time and effort to improve your spoken English skills as early as possible in your career.

Organizations value people who are self-motivated and show enthusiasm towards their work. Have a positive attitude towards work and colleagues. Your character, integrity, and work ethic must be non-negotiable. Achieve your targets and always look for new opportunities as this will help you grow in an organization. It is important to keep updating your skills. Become a team player as most jobs in an organization involve working with people. Inculcate these habits early in life as they will help you have a successful career.

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