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Eventually, just a few factors separate great leaders from others. Leaders are constantly facing choices and have to make decisions. Prioritizing and selecting the most important items from a basket of opportunities is both a science and an art and to some extent, self- belief. Along with that you might need some tools to help you implement these decisions. A good command on your spoken English can assist you and your teammates in easy communication. This can also further make your decision-making process smoother.

Learn English, Learn English Online, Spoken English, Spoken English Online, Speak English, English Grammar, EnglishHelper, English Skills, Language Learning

While decision making is unique and dependent on individual style, the following six principles have been favored by some:

Do Not Forget Your Purpose

At the end of the day, every team has a goal. Everything revolves around achieving the team’s objectives. All other pursuits are irrelevant and in a sense, unconstitutional. Thus, all decisions must pass through this important filter. If an item fails this first test it needs to be discarded immediately.

Facts Come First

At any point in time some things are known even as a business charts its way towards the unknown. Facts represented by existing data, information or knowledge must be considered to ensure the quality of decision making.

Execution Matters

It is often said that champion companies stand out because they get things done better than others. A terrific plan on paper cannot be compared with another that is actually yielding results. Decision makers learn to evaluate and choose on the basis of ‘do-ability’.

You Will Not Know till You Know

Nobody knows what the future holds. The truth is, a plan is already false within moments of its creation! Plans are based on assumptions about the future and cannot consider all possibilities. As such, by definition, they cannot be correct. They aim to provide a reasonable path forward. While it is important to plan thoughtfully, ‘analysis-paralysis’ should be avoided. In other words, do not try to predict the future; rather, prepare to respond to the realities as they unfold.

The Non-Negotiable

While business has a purpose it should not act without a conscience. Statute, ethics, values and principles should be taken into account when any decisions. Ignoring these aspects may render the plan null and void even before it gets off the ground!

Empower Your Team with Opportunity to Improve their Spoken English

Over time English has become the language for international business. Learning English and having a good grasp of spoken English has become increasingly important. In the contemporary business landscape, which is getting increasingly globalized, speaking the same language and communicating effectively is crucial. As a leader, it is a good idea to empower your employees with the tools necessary to succeed. Encourage your workforce to learn English.

Most corporate organizations today require their employees to have a strong command of spoken English. That is why as an employee, it is a good idea for you to try and learn English to the best of your ability. Learning English will not only allow you to excel at your job, but will also open doors to many other opportunities in life.

Learning English takes effort, but small steps every day can make a big difference, especially with regard to your career path. To learn in simple steps from home, try the free EnglishHelper English speaking course.

Decision making is contextual. An emergency may offer limited time to react. Long term strategy formulation will require engaging with many constituents and need multiple iterations. In certain circumstances it is important to achieve consensus. Sometimes, extraordinary conditions may not offer the opportunity to fall back on previous benchmarks for reference.

Whatever the context, keeping an eye on the ‘rule of six’ is highly recommended!

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