Spoken English and Other Skills Recruiters Look for

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Campus placement is a big event in a college student’s life. Every student wants to get the best possible placement. Campus placements give students an opportunity to start their professional careers with good organizations. As with any important goal, getting a campus placement of your choice requires planning, preparation, and work. Amongst other skills needed for making an impression, a good grasp on your spoken English skills can surely enhance your chances. We can help you get started with these tips!

English Speaking, Learn English, Learn English Online, Spoken English, Spoken English Online, Speak English, English Grammar, EnglishHelper, English Skills, Language Learning

Good Grades

Study hard and try to get good grades. Campus recruiters take your grades into consideration while hiring as a good score shows your commitment towards your studies and your ability to work hard.

Internship Experience

Throughout your college years, choose as many internships as possible – whether paid or unpaid. These will give you valuable work experience and exposure to the professional world. The experience you will gain during internships will help you in identifying your interests.

Co-Curricular Activities

Participate in various campus activities as this will help you in learning many social and leadership skills. It will also look good on your resume as it shows that you are used to shouldering responsibilities and have varied interests.

Prepare a Resume with a Cover Letter

Your resume and cover letter must be professional. Highlight your educational qualifications, skills and work experience, if any. Make sure that the English grammar used in your letter and resume is perfect and there are no punctuation mistakes. Customize your cover letter each time you apply for a job based on the job description.

Prepare for the Selection Process

The selection process can include group discussions, aptitude tests, technical interviews, and HR interviews. Do some research on typical questions asked in each type of interview and practice your answers aloud in front of a mirror. Get a group of friends together and practice mock group discussions.

Read as many case studies as possible as HR interviews involve behavioral and situational questions. HR interviews are designed to understand you as a person and they want to see your approach in handling difficult situations. Practice answering situational questions with examples. Recruiters are keen to hire people with an analytical mind.

Attend Mock Interviews to Improve Spoken English

Attend as many mock interviews as possible as this will help in improving your confidence and interview technique. It will also help in improving your spoken English speaking skills. Being fluent in English is important as English is widely spoken in workplaces. It is important to have a good command over written and spoken English.

You can practice English speaking at:

Revise Your Core Concepts

The selection process will include technical interviews and aptitude tests. So revise your domain knowledge thoroughly and be prepared to answer any question regarding your subject.

Pay Attention to Your Body Language

Your body language is an important success factor in any interview. Greet your interviewers with a smile, answer questions with confidence, and remember to maintain eye contact. Be polite and courteous while addressing the interviewer. Dress formally for the interview and be on time.

Getting a good campus placement is a dream of almost every college student. But, as the saying goes ‘No gain without pain’ hence, you should be willing to prepare for it. Work hard on your grades, get maximum exposure through internships and extra co-curricular activities. Prepare for the selection process and attend as many mock interviews as possible. It will help boost your confidence and also improve your communication skills.

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