English Speaking can make a Star Performer!

If you are a young professional, you know how competitive the job market is. These days, there is an increasing number of people joining the global workforce with either a degree or diploma. Getting hired for your desired job role often requires time, patience, and diligence. But once you get the job of your dreams, does it mean you can […]

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Reading Aloud Can Improve English Speaking

Around the world, there is a sort of buzz underway. It’s the sound of over 1 billion people trying to improve their English speaking skills. There is no doubt that English has become the de-facto language of the world. From Japan to Jamaica and, from Benares to Buenos Aires, people are trying to learn how to speak English fluently. How […]

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English Speaking |This Time There Are No Rules

EnglishHelper Wants to Help You Improve Your English Speaking Skills Our English speaking courses are designed with a keen understanding of our customers. We know that language is best learnt when it is in the context of the learners. Keeping this in mind, the content of each of our courses is designed to be relevant to their context and level. […]

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