Teachers’ Favourite English Reading Comprehension Software: ReadToMe®

English reading comprehension

Nearly 1 lakh teachers across government schools in India use ReadToMe® software to practise English reading comprehension in their classrooms. Feedback collected from these teachers across states has confirmed that students perform better in ReadToMe® enabled classrooms, teaching sessions are more interactive, and students take a keen interest in the classroom proceedings.

ReadToMe®– English Reading Comprehension Software

What makes ReadToMe® a favourite English learning software among these teachers? The answer lies in the ability of this software to transform the experience of classroom teaching and learning. The software – a multi-sensory English reading comprehension tool – is easy to use. The software acts as a teaching assistant and as well as a students companion, helping them in maximising their teaching and learning goals. 

ReadToMe® is one of a kind educational software designed for K-12 learners. The software is trained to read curriculum prescribed school textbooks. By reading out the lessons from school textbooks, the software enables students to improve their grasp on the English language and comprehend texts. The software helps build vocabulary, develop fluency and build cohesion in reading. Teachers across schools prefer using ReadToMe® to aid students in their English learning. 

Teachers speak

Chandrakant Pandit Surwade is an English teacher at Zilla Parishad Primary School, Sonari Marathi in Jalgaon, Maharashtra. He teaches English to grades 1 to 8. Surwade tells us that teaching English was challenging for him. “I was unable to teach spoken English to the students. I would face a lot of difficulties while teaching them.” It was difficult for him to prepare for each class separately. The introduction of ReadToMe® software in his school “made a big difference in his teaching.” The software was introduced in grades 1 to 8. 

“The children enjoy learning English with ReadToMe®”, Surwade shares. His students have shown remarkable improvement in their English reading comprehension. With great delight, he tells us how his students have learnt to operate the software on their own because “it is so easy-to-use.” His students eagerly wait for the English session and even “set-up the software before the class commences.”  The excitement amongst the children for the ReadToMe® classroom is unparalleled. He ends by saying that “ReadToMe® is helpful not just for the students, but it has also helped me as a teacher.”

The Path Ahead

The positive response from teachers and students across schools, the encouraging learning outcome assessments and the changing needs of the education scenario (COVID-19 and the following school closure) has enabled ReadToMe® to move beyond the classroom. 

ReadToMe® is now a multi-platform English reading comprehension software. ReadToMe Student Edition is the extension into the self-learning domain (from homes or elsewhere). The app is available for download on Android devices. Students across India can access the app and read their NCERT textbooks along with the app. Students of Maharashtra State Board and Karnataka State Boards can also access their curriculum prescribed books on the app.

ReadToMe Virtual Classroom has transformed ReadToMe® into an online learning platform where students and teachers can connect to organise classes. This learning platform extends the classroom experience into the virtual environment. 

Teachers across India are already recommending ReadToMe Student Edition to their students. Schools are now using ReadToMe Virtual Classroom to conduct all their classes online. The expansion of ReadToMe® beyond the classroom will be a significant step towards closing the learning gap. 

Watch out this space for more exciting stories from our teachers and students.

Download ReadToMe Student Edition  – the English learning app – to start practising reading comprehension.

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