ReadToMe Solutions launched in 90,000 schools in Maharashtra!

ReadToMe® launched in 90,000 schools in Maharashtra!

Mahasatta and Berar Times published an article recently about the launch event of “Implementation of ReadToMe solutions” in Maharashtra.

EnglishHelper and Schoolnet India Limited have launched a joint venture with the Government of Maharashtra and the Department of School Education and Sports to make ReadToMe solutions available to students of  government and government aided schools of Maharashtra. This will enable 16 Million students to read and comprehend their English textbooks with ReadToMe solutions.

ReadToMe® was first introduced in Maharashtra on an experimental basis in 2014. Independent assessments have shown that students who use ReadToMe® have significantly improved their English reading and comprehension.

Speaking at the inaugural function on November 24, Shri Rajendra Pawar, Joint Secretary, Department of Education, said, “Maharashtra will set an example for other parts of the country.”  Director of Regional Education Authority – Dr. K. Sheikh and Dr. Kamla Devi Auti, Deputy Director, SCERT, expressed similar sentiments.

The program is the first large-scale example of ‘digital integration’. AI technology is used by teachers in the classroom to teach the curriculum and to improve and practice English reading at home.

 “We are committed to providing equal opportunities to all students regardless of their financial background,” commented Mr. RCM Reddy, Managing Director, Schoolnet India Limited.

“This project is the result of excellent collaboration between public and private stakeholders,” said Mr. Sanjay Gupta, Global CEO, EnglishHelper.

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