An Edtech Solution to Transform English Literacy in U.P. Schools

RightToRead - An Edtech Solution to Transform English Literacy in U.P. Schools

RightToRead- An ‘Edtech for English Literacy’ Initiative – Early Days in U.P.

RightToRead is an edtech initiative that aims to enable English literacy. The RightToRead program was launched in U.P. for grades 6-8 in a few government schools in partnership with Schoolnet. A small cohort of private schools were also provided the technology enabled English reading and comprehension program.

A randomized set of assessments were conducted to study the impact of the program. The tests confirmed there was a change in English reading and comprehension of the students. 

RightToRead – Blending Technology and Education

Language is an arbitrary human creation. The human brain has to ‘train’ itself to learn a language. Research indicates, language is learnt best when learners are exposed to the language in a multi-sensory environment.

RightToRead is an educational technology initiative that aims to enable English literacy in India (and globally) with the help of multi-sensory AI software – ReadToMe®. The AI software, enables the reading of prescribed English textbooks during normal class hours. Across the education system in India, RightToRead is an example of a unique and successful blend of technology and education.

ReadToMe® is easy to use in class. The schools implementing the program have installed the ReadToMe®‘ app on their existing IT devices. This  makes for an economic deployment of ReadToMe® software with no additional investment in school infrastructure or IT equipment. The user friendly interface of the software allows teachers and students to easily practice English reading and comprehension lessons with various ReadToMe® tools. 

RightToRead – Enhancing English Literacy of Over 2 Lakh Students in U.P.

Across the country the RightToRead footprint reaches thousands of schools benefiting millions of children. In U.P. the early pilots have demonstrated the beneficial impact of multi-sensory AI software enabled reading and comprehension of English textbooks in class. This provided confidence for large scale expansion of the program in the state. 

Earlier this year, RightToRead expansion to cover 857 schools benefiting 2.25 lakh students was launched in U.P. Teachers for grades 1-12 were trained to use the ReadToMe® software in class. RightToRead is now making a significant difference in the state. The stage is set to move to the next level – every child in U.P. should have an opportunity to become English literate with the help of this technology intervention. 

ReadToMe® Tools 

ReadToMe® software empowers teachers. The software enabled English classes are more effective and much easier to deliver to students. The ReadToMe® tools such as picture dictionary, word translate feature and pronunciation support, enable teachers to assist students read their English text books. Teachers are trained to undertake three simple steps in class:

1. Listen: Students are asked to listen to the text read by the AI software – ReadToMe®.

2. Listen and Repeat: Students then read aloud repeating after the system voice.

3. After practicing through steps 1 and 2, students read aloud with the voice from the software muted.

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