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While many other EdTech startups may struggle to jump from one school district to another, EnglishHelper has managed to scale at a rapid pace.

Founded by Dr. Venkat Srinivasan in 2010, a Boston based cognitive scientist, the company leverages artificial intelligence-based, technology platforms (ReadToMe and WritingAssistant) that can support English reading, comprehension, speaking, and writing.

Under the RightToRead initiative, ReadToMe was launched in 100 government (public) schools in India in 2013. At present, the program reaches 3.5 million students. Over the next 12 months, it is estimated, the footprint will expand to reach  20 million students across 100,000 schools .

This massive scale achieved rapidly is the result of technology that is contextually adaptive, demonstrates strong academic outcomes, and importantly, an operating model where the state, region, and school district are integral partners. In 2017, independent randomized control tests of its interventions with several of its partners, including USAID was conducted by qualified agencies. This assessment confirmed  20 to 40% overall gain in learning outcomes for the group covered by the RightToRead program.

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(June 2019)

To know more about  RightToRead and its impact, visit the EnglishHelper website

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