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A recent article published by The Asian Age newspaper (Sep 22nd, 2019, 1:10 AM IST) talks of how tech-based learning is helping students all around the world.

The study revolved around ReadToMe® a multi-sensory reading and comprehension AI platform. ReadToMe® powers RightToRead, an initiative by education tech company, EnglishHelper. The AI software enables students to read English textbooks in class. The program is presently being implemented in 65,000 government schools in Maharashtra. 

The article provides statistics that underscore the widespread deployment of ReadToMe® across several districts in the state. In Mumbai, RightToRead is already functional in 400 of the 603 schools identified for the program.

The study was based on real-time observation of a ReadToMe® class that was conducted at the Reclamation Chapal Road Municipal Hindi School in Mumbai. Nirtika Pandita from The Asian Age visited the school and observed how the technology is deployed in a live, teacher led classroom setting. The article talks about how the software can read the coursebook content, and its various features that support the teacher in achieving learning outcomes. With the English book displayed on the smart-board, the AI powered software reads the text aloud while children listen intently to the pronunciations. It also describes the various tools of ReadToMe® and how they facilitate the students’ learning journey. 

The Author also comments about the utility of the ReadToMe® technology in the lives of the students at the Reclamation Chapal Road Municipal Hindi School. She quotes Vaishnavi, a standard four student who claims to have benefited immensely from using the pronunciation tool for pronouncing complex words. Nirtika also quotes the Principal, Ms Suman S Pandya, ”The changes are evident in the students.” 

India has a reading crisis. RightToRead aims to demonstrate the power of  tech-based learning integrated with curriculum. We hope all ten year olds in India will have the same opportunity as Vaishnavi to read their English textbooks in class!


The original article has been written by Nirtika Pandit and published by The Asian Age.

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