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EducationWorld published an article in its October 2019 edition featuring Sanjay Gupta, Global CEO of edtech company, EnglishHelper.

Education World features the RightToRead program, an initiative undertaken by EnglishHelper. This initiative leverages multi-sensory reading and comprehension artificial intelligence software (ReadToMe®) to enable reading of English textbooks. In this article by Autar Nehru, Sanjay Gupta talks about how EnglishHelper is introducing technology within the existing curriculum to improve the English language proficiency of children in government schools.

The article highlights the agreement with the Maharashtra government to introduce the RightToRead program in 65,000 government schools of Maharashtra. It also mentions the Sri Lankan government’s approval for implementing the program to reach 4.1 million students in all the 10,000 schools in the country. 

The article mentions Dr. Venkat Srinivasan, Founder-Chairman of EnglishHelper, who founded the company with a mission to enable children from economically disadvantaged households to learn English by bringing together the power of technology and education. The edtech program, RightToRead, was launched in 2013 on a pilot basis in 100 government schools in six states across India. The AI-enabled software (ReadToMe®) is now being used in thousands of government schools. 

Sanjay says, “The teacher is the leader and facilitator for helping children improve their English skills. Our assessment studies have shown 30-50 percent improvement in reading capabilities of children using ReadToMe® software.”

Proficiency in English language is valued. English is important for as an employability and is socially empowering. EnglishHelper is looking to leverage the opportunity to blend technology & education to scale up to reach 20 million government school students in India.

Sanjay says, “Our mission is to use technology to make affordable English learning pedagogies accessible to economically disadvantaged children and youth in India and developing countries.” says Sanjay and adds that state governments pay a nominal fee per student for installing the software. 

The article confirms RightToRead is a global initiative that is growing beyond India – in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

The original article has been edited by Autar Nehru and published by EducationWorld –

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