The Role Of Edtechs In Ensuring Uninterrupted Learning

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An article published by The Education World (June 2020) discussed the impact of COVID-19 on educators worldwide. Dipta Joshi, the writer of the article interviews Sanjay Gupta, Global CEO of EnglishHelper, to understand how educators are dealing with the crisis and ensuring it is not “all work and no play” for them.

The writer discusses how the present crisis has pushed educators to think out of the box. Educators and Edtechs are ensuring the continuity of learning. They are also constantly working towards upskilling themselves. 

In the words of Sanjay Gupta, “Obtaining education is a fundamental right of all citizens. While the affluent have used technology to ensure uninterrupted learning during the current crisis, this opportunity has not as yet reached the poorest. If Facebook and Google can reach everybody why should virtual classes not reach students in a government school? This crisis presents a strong case for the democratisation of education leveraging technology,”

Joshi writes, “the lockdown has also tested the leadership capabilities of stakeholders in the education sector.” Sanjay and his commitment to responsible leadership has enabled the organization to recognise the needs of students and teachers in these difficult times.

On a lighter note, Joshi also shares how educators across the country are keeping themselves occupied. Like she says, “the lockdown is not just all work and no play” for educators.

The original article has been written by Dipta Joshi and published by Education World.

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