Launch of ReadToMe® in Maharashtra

K12 Digest

A recent article published by K12 Digest has a special mention about EnglishHelper and Schoolnet India Limited working in tandem with the Regional Academic Authority, Aurangabad, along with the District Institute for Education and Training (DIETS) to implement ReadToMe® across 90,000 government and government aided schools of Maharashtra.

ReadToMe® is an AI powered technology that enables multisensory reading and comprehension of the curriculum prescribed in English. Teachers can use this unique software in class during normal school periods and students can also use it on their Android devices to practice reading their English textbooks at home, i.e. after school hours.

The program is the first large-scale example of ‘digital integration’ by EnglishHelper, an Impact First Social Enterprise committed to leveraging AI technology in class and enabling people from across the world to achieve their desired level of English proficiency.

The first wave of training teachers in Maharashtra to use ReadToMe® was launched on 25th October 2021, and has since then been accessed by over 100,000 teachers and more than 150,000 students.

The original article has been published by K12 Digest in December, 2021 –

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