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Building Bridges Across Borders Honduras

RightToRead is an edtech initiative that aims to enable English literacy with the help of multi-sensory reading and comprehension AI software ReadToMe®. Features like a dictionary, word translation, and pictures help with developing vocabulary. This process of learning improves fluency of reading and comprehension. The user interface has been designed for teacher friendliness. The software’s features such as reading speed control and magnification of words help teachers to conduct English classes more effectively while achieving their syllabus goals.

RightToRead: Assessments Prove Impact

Research shows that languages are best learned through multi-sensory exposure repetitively to words, phrases and sentences. Repeated exposure to words enables reading and comprehension skills via word recognition and decoding of words for their meaning. Teachers also notice a higher level of student engagement in the classroom with the use of multi-sensory software for English reading and comprehension.

An independent impact evaluation conducted in the schools covered by the RightToRead program validated its effectiveness in improving English learning outcomes. The results showed an improvement of 20 – 40% over the baseline scores as compared to the counterfactual. The successful implementation of the program and encouraging assessment results have provided confidence to various governments in India and beyond to extend support for expanding the program. 

A Global Initiative

EnglishHelper has leveraged partnerships to launch RightToRead in schools in Africa, Asia and Central America. The Government of Sri Lanka provided approval for implementing RightToRead in all Government schools in Sri Lanka. This will enable the program to reach 4.1 million students in over 10,000 schools in the country. 

RightToRead has reached schools in Honduras in Central America. English is an aspirational language for the people of the country. It is believed that English education can open up new opportunities and eventually offer students a better quality of life. Parents in Honduras aspire to send their children to private schools where English language learning is compulsory. RightToRead aims to make English learning accessible to all.

RightToRead In Honduras

The RightToRead program in Honduras was initiated in 2018 in the Francisco Morazan School and San Alejo English Lab. The program was sponsored by Grupo Jaremar. The ReadToMe® software was ‘trained’ to read curriculum prescribed textbooks of the school.

The RightToRead program is also used in kindergarten and pre-school at 17 locations near Tela, Honduras. Over 200 kindergarten children are using the ReadToMe® software in these schools. 

EnglishHelper has also implemented an adult English literacy program for 28 teachers to enable young teachers to teach English at schools.

RightToRead has defined itself as a ‘without borders’ initiative. The goal is to leave no child behind!

Check out the ReadToMe® Dictionary tool here.

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