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Maharashtra is on the path of an edtech transformation in terms of classroom and self-learning practices. ReadToMe School Edition has already made its mark in the state. As of now, nearly 4 million government school students in thousands of schools across all districts in the state have benefited from this English reading and comprehension program. 

The next milestone in this transformative journey is the launch of ReadToMe Student Edition in the state. Students are now able to practise English reading and comprehension with ReadToMe Student Edition from their homes. This multi-sensory AI application, available on Google Play Store, will supplement classroom English learning and enable self-learning at home.

Classroom Learning with ReadToMe School Edition | Maharashtra

ReadToMe School Edition, a multi-sensory reading and comprehension AI software was introduced in Maharashtra in 2013. The software was deployed in 125 government schools in Aurangabad, Beed, and Jalna districts of Maharashtra. Within a short time, teachers noticed an improvement in the reading and comprehension skills of the students.

In 2016, the program, supported by USAID, expanded to 3,720 ICT schools across 29 districts in partnership with Schoolnet. The program proved to be effective, with students achieving 20% to 40% improvement in English proficiency. 

In 2018, the Government of Maharashtra agreed to implement the ReadToMe School Edition in 65,000 government schools across the state. In the first phase, the program has been implemented in nearly 15,000 schools reaching 4 million students. The footprint of the program reaches all 36 districts and 389 blocks in the state. Once the schools reopen, ReadToMe School Edition will be implemented in the remaining 50,000 schools. 

About ReadToMe Student Edition

ReadToMe Student Edition is a multi-sensory AI-enabled English reading and comprehension Android application for school students. The software is trained to read curriculum prescribed textbooks. ReadToMe Student Edition allows students to access their school textbooks online. Students can practise English directly from the school textbooks on mobile phones or tablets. The application can be used by students anytime, anywhere. 

This AI app is available for download on Play Store

Self-Learning with ReadToMe Student Edition | Maharashtra

Over 20 million students attend school in Maharashtra. COVID-19 has led to the closure of schools everywhere. Millions of students are grounded at home presently. Many students, who are first-generation learners, may not have any academic support while they are away from school. For these students, easy to access and affordable technology solutions may be the only way to support learning during these times. Technology-enabled programs can be used to learn individually or in groups.

ReadToMe Student Edition has been launched in Maharashtra. Students across schools in Maharashtra can practise reading and comprehension on their mobile devices. ReadToMe Student Edition is an affordable solution to ensure students can achieve their learning goals while staying at home. It has various tools to support self-learning. This easy-to-use application is available to students of grade 1 to 10.

Sanashree Ghodmare, a grade 9 student, in Nagpur is using the ReadToMe Student Edition App. She practises English reading and comprehension with the grade 9 textbooks available on the app. Manasvi finds learning English has become easier with the ReadToMe Student Edition application. She enjoys using the various tools that are available on the application.

ReadToMe Student Edition helps to complete the learning loop. Classroom learning can now be supported by self-learning at home. Technology will help students enhance their English skills, whether studying individually or in groups. 

The pandemic has disrupted the education system. Technology can help solve by offering viable ways to self-learn or learn remotely. This crisis may be an opportunity to uplift and enable access to quality education for all.

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