Improve English Reading Comprehension With ReadToMe Student Edition

reading comprehension

Reading comprehension is the ability to read a sentence and understand its meaning. It is the ability to look at written words and process the meaning or ideas behind them. Reading comprehension is the process of recognizing words, sentences, and paragraphs and making sense of the overall meaning. Without comprehension, reading is nothing more than tracking symbols. 

ReadToMe Student Edition is an English reading comprehension app meant for K12 learners. The app is available to students across India. The app is trained to read English textbooks through its AI technology. At present, the app provides access to NCERT English textbooks for grades 1 to 12, Maharashtra State Board English textbooks from grades 1 to 10, Karnataka State Board: English as a second language for grades 1 to 10, and English as a third language for grades 6 to 10.

Step 1: Read Aloud 

Children acquire language primarily through listening. Reading aloud lets them hear what they read- which further builds their vocabulary and helps them develop a stronger understanding of the language. When children hear words read aloud, they begin seeing how printed text is closely connected to the spoken words. When using ReadToMe Student Edition, students can practise reading comprehension by listening to the app read the text and by reading aloud with the app. 

Step 2: Improve Vocabulary

Extensive reading in English with the help of an English dictionary is one of the most reliable ways of building vocabulary. ReadToMe Student Edition simplifies the process of improving vocabulary by bringing different tools together in one app. The Dictionary, Picture Dictionary and Translation tool inbuilt in the app will allow learners to recognise and learn new words with just one click. 

Step 3: Practise Spellings

Learning spellings is essential for reading and writing better. Research states that spelling, reading, writing and comprehension skills are all closely linked.  Students can now memorize spellings with the Spelling tool of ReadToMe Student Edition.

Step 4: Practise Pronunciation

Knowing the right pronunciation is not only important for English speaking, but also for understanding what others speak. Pronunciation is an essential part of English speech. Learners can practise pronunciations with the Pronounce Words Tool of ReadToMe Student Edition. 

Step 5: Re-Read Passages

Re-reading previous passages helps refresh students’ memory and develop a deeper understanding of what they have read. Re-reading also helps students develop greater accuracy in reading. When students re-read, words that they may have struggled to understand on a first reading becomes increasingly easier to understand.

Reading skills are used throughout our life. English reading comprehension is essential in pursuing academic and professional goals. Improving English reading comprehension takes time and effort, and ReadToMe Student Edition is here to help!. This app is designed to assist students in their individual learning needs.

Reading and comprehension can now be practised outside classrooms with ReadToMe Student Edition app. As learners read regularly with the app, comprehension becomes easier and reading fun. 

Download ReadToMe Student Edition  – the English learning app – to start practising reading comprehension.

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