English Literacy In Schools With ReadToMe®

RightToRead - SDMC School- ReadToMe in Class

The RightToRead program is aimed at achieving English literacy in schools around India and world. EnglishHelper aims to make a significant contribution by successfully integrating technology in the education system in India English for improving English literacy. 

The South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) piloted the use of ReadToMe®, the English reading and comprehension solution in 20 schools in SDMC in the academic year 2017 – 18. 

EnglishHelper conducted assessments across grades 3 to 5, covering approximately 7000 students. These assessments enabled measurement of the reading and comprehension outcomes achieved in an academic year among schools using the edtech solution. Students who were regularly exposed to ReadToMe®  demonstrated between 30% to 50% more improvement in their reading and comprehension skills than students who had not been exposed to the software.

In partnership with SDMC, the RightToRead program that initially launched in 20 SDMC schools in 2017, more than doubled its outreach. Expanding to 111 SDMC schools across 4 districts, RightToRead now covers almost 40,000 students between grades 3 to 5.  

At the SDMC schools, 376 teachers have been trained to use the ReadToMe® software in class for teaching English.

What is the RightToRead Initiative?

The RightToRead program was launched by EnglishHelper in 2013. Under this program, EnglishHelper deploys its multi-sensory AI technology platform for reading and comprehension called ReadToMe® in government and aided schools.

RightToRead is an effort which demonstrates that reading and comprehension technology can play a vital role in solving the country’s English and literacy crisis. The reading and comprehension AI software is trained to read the school English textbooks. This process of reading is integrated into the regular English class period. This English literacy in schools initiative enables the students to learn English in a multi-sensory way, increasing student engagement and teacher effectiveness.

ReadToMe® as Teacher Enablement Tool

Ms Deepanjali – SDMC School, Sheikh Sarai, shares her experience; usage of the ReadToMe® software has become a critical part of her teaching process. Ms Deepanjali considers the ReadToMe® software as an essential tool in helping introduce English to the learners that come from underprivileged backgrounds and for most of whom English is a ‘foreign language’. She says, “prior to using the ReadToMe® reading and comprehension software, students were so disengaged in learning the language, that some of them actually became inattentive during the learning process. But ever since we have started to use the ReadToMe® software, students have become interested to learn new words from the many tools it offers, such as the picture dictionary, pronunciation, spell-tool etc. The software has made them approach language learning with cheer, as they find the subject more approachable. They are now pronouncing the words correctly and also using them to frame sentences on their own!” 

For herself, Ms Deepanjali feels ReadToMe® has done away with the monotony of textbook dependence and reading. She shares, “These learners come from Hindi-speaking backgrounds where their parents have almost no or very little literacy. Students go home and share with their parents what they have learnt in the ReadToMe® class, and their parents come back to share how their children are speaking in English at home.” Ms Deepanjali finds her students participating actively and can see a big difference that ReadToMe® has made in the English literacy of her students in a short span of time. 

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ReadToMe® is a multi-sensory reading and comprehension software. It helps enhance students’ reading and comprehension skills and increases teacher effectiveness. The prescribed English textbooks used in schools are read in class with the help of the software. Words are highlighted as they are read, at a speed best suited for students. ReadToMe® offers tools to help with reading and comprehension. The features include a word-by-word reading of the text, English dictionary, picture dictionary, translation of words to a local language, pronunciation, and spelling aids. RightToRead is aimed at achieving English literacy in schools in India and elsewhere.

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