An EdTech Reading and Comprehension Solution for Students | Odisha

RightToRead - An Edtech Reading and Comprehension Solution for Students | Odisha

RightToRead – A Technology Enabled Initiative for English Reading and Comprehension

In 2018, the RightToRead program was launched in Odisha, in 30 government schools in partnership with American India Foundation (AIF) and in 5 Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas (JNV). The government schools are located in Angul, Khordha, Cuttack, and Keonjhar Districts schools. Odisha has over 63,000 government schools with 6.6 million enrollments. Despite the fact that English is a part of the prescribed curriculum from grade 1, students from the state face challenges in English speaking, reading and comprehension. RightToRead is helping students to enhance their English reading and comprehension skills. The program covers students from grades 6-8 in Odisha.

About RightToRead

RightToRead is an edtech initiative for English reading and comprehension for school children. An educational technology initiative that aims at enabling English literacy globally with the multi-sensory reading and comprehension AI software – ReadToMe®. RightToRead was launched in 2013 in 100 schools across 6 states in India. In 2015, the program expanded to 5000 schools reaching one million students in 8 states in the country. RightToRead is estimated to achieve a footprint of 100,000 schools and benefit nearly 20 million students by early 2020.

Studies have confirmed the need to introduce change thoughtfully and methodically in public education systems. RightToRead ensures the fundamental tenets of sustainable change. These include the study of prescribed textbooks, the continued pivotal role of the teacher as the leader in the classroom and the integration with school time-table. Across the education system in India, this blend of technology and education for enhancing English literacy is being demonstrated as an efficient, effective and scalable solution for improving English reading and comprehension skills. 

RightToRead – Empowering Teachers 

Teachers are trained on how to use multi-sensory AI software – ReadToMe® in class. Teachers using ReadToMe® in class play an important role in encouraging students to actively participate in improving their English reading and comprehension with the aid of the multi-sensory AI software. Teachers’ effectiveness is enhanced as students enjoy the digital learning experience. 

ReadToMe® has various features e.g. word translation to vernacular, picture dictionary, pronunciation tool and slow speed read-aloud. Teachers observe a high level of student engagement when using ReadToMe® in class, which leads to better understanding and learning outcomes. Since the software enables reading of prescribed English textbooks, syllabus goals are achieved during normal class hours. 

Akash is an English teacher for grades 6-8 in Bardol Ashram School, Bargarh. He says, “ReadToMe® software is helping a lot in English teaching. It helps students to pronounce words correctly. After using ReadToMe® students are able to read English book confidently. RightToRead is a useful program for teachers also. We are able to find Dictionary tool, Picture Dictionary tool, Translation tool in one place, which helps us to show a clear image of a lesson. This helps students to understand English word meanings easily. Nowadays, a smart study including ReadToMe® is like a blessing for us.”

Ullash Kumar Pattanaik is a head teacher in Moti Devi UG High School, Krushna Chandra Pur, Cuttack. He says, “To me, the ReadToMe® software is helpful for upper primary class students as it gives them scope for proper pronunciation and enhancing reading skills. The special feature of Picture Dictionary is attractive and valuable for students. The above mentioned tools help in teaching prose pieces.”

RightToRead – Transforming Education in India

Lack of English reading and comprehension has an adverse, compounding impact. RightToRead is demonstrating the power of curriculum integrated technology as a solution that enables English learning. The RightToRead initiative aims to solve the problem by equipping children with English skills. The program provides confidence to blend technology and education to significantly improve English literacy in India. 

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