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Multi-Sensory Technology to Change the Way Millions Learn English

Over the last decade, surveys conducted across government schools in India have highlighted a significant gap in the reading and comprehension ability of students. In 2013, EnglishHelper launched an initiative RightToRead, with the objective of improving reading and comprehension skills of students in government schools using technology. By 2016, RightToRead had expanded to reach in excess of one million students across five thousand schools to learn English.

Under the RightToRead program, improvement in English reading and comprehension was observed across multiple grade levels. Can technology-enabled reading solve India’s reading challenge quickly and at scale?

Learn more, and see what English Helper leaders have to say on the future of technology-enabled learning by clicking on the link below.

The original article has been written and published by The Afternoon Despatch & Courier: (October, 2017)

EnglishHelper’s Mission to Help People Learn English

EnglishHelper’s mission is to help any individual get easy access to the English Language. We are motivated to provide people with opportunities to learn English, so that they can learn and advance in their personal and professional lives. This includes, conversing with their friends or family, trying to get a better job, or to communicate with people while travelling.

The RightToRead Initiative introduced by EnglishHelper is in collaboration with American India Foundation and IL&FS Education. It is also inline with the same thought of using technology to help every child in the world to be able to learn English.

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