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RightToRead Initiative Gets Under Way in City Schools

According to a survey conducted by the Annual Status of Education Report (ASER), more than 50% of students in Standard V cannot read Standard II textbooks. What then can be done to improve the English comprehension standards and English Language skills of students in Government schools in India?

RightToRead is an initiative supported by EnglishHelper, in partnership with American Indian Foundation, that aims to level this gap. Sanjay Gupta, CEO of EnglishHelper, says, “Lack of proficiency in English is a big stumbling block for these children. However talented they are, they struggle to read basic English. This affects them in the later stages of their lives when applying to colleges, performing for interviews, seeking a job etc.”

The program includes a multi-sensory English reading and comprehension software. Other features in the software include pronunciation tools, picture dictionary, and vernacular word lists. There is also an option to set different reading speeds to cater to classes with different levels of English reading proficiency. Priya Viswanath, who heads the Indian operations of EnglishHelper says, “The teachers find it useful because earlier they had to pay attention to each student and this was a daunting task. Now, the children learn faster. The teachers also get to improve their teaching and communication skills.”

The program’s reach has grown rapidly in the last three years, working with 5,000 government schools across India. It has also expanded globally reaching countries such as Sierra Leone and Columbia. “The purpose is to use technology to raise literacy levels through audio-visual programs,” says Sanjay.

To know more about the potential of technology-enabled learning, click on the link below.

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(July 2016)

Technology Enabled Learning

EnglishHelper offers unique technology-enabled English learning products that can be used online, on any smart device. EnglishHelper’s free ‘Learn English’ program has been designed around multi-sensory learning, and helps in building vocabulary, improving comprehension and enhancing spoken English skills. Learners are exposed to correctly constructed sentences leading to usage based improvement in English grammar as well.

Using Technology to Improve English Language skills

Reading aloud is one of the best ways to improve spoken English skills. You can improve your fluency in English language by practising speaking in English regularly.  A good hold on English language can enhance your conversations with people.

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