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Multi-Sensory Technology to Change the Way Millions Learn English

Over the last decade, surveys conducted across government schools in India have highlighted a significant gap in the reading and comprehension ability of students. In 2013, EnglishHelper launched an initiative RightToRead, with the objective of improving reading and comprehension skill of students in government schools using technology. By 2016, RightToRead had expanded to reach in excess of one million students across five thousand schools. It has changed the way the students learn English.

Under the RightToRead program, improvement in English reading and comprehension was observed across multiple grade levels. Can technology-enabled reading solve India’s reading challenge quickly and at scale?

Learn more, and see what English Helper leaders have to say on the future of technology-enabled learning by clicking on the link below

The is press release was published by NRI News 24×7:

Engaging Learning Material

EnglishHelper offers unique technology enabled English learning products that can be used online, on any smart device. As a part of the RightToRead initiative, EnglishHelper digitizes the English language learning textbooks, and develops them into more effective teaching material with the aim of improving written and spoken English.

EnglishHelper’s Learn English Program

The ‘Learn English’ program has been designed around multi-sensory learning, and helps in building vocabulary, improving comprehension, and enhancing spoken English skills. Learners are exposed to correctly constructed sentences leading to usage based improvement in English grammar as well. It helps people learn English in an engaging way.

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